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TES3 Session 122 January 18, 1965 electrical field system force protrudes

The thought, as an electrical reality, is not subject to the physical laws that bind the physical body. The durability of the thought as an electrical act is determined by its initial electric charge. This electric charge can propel the thought, as an electrical action, through the apparent dimensions of your physical time in such a manner that it can exist simultaneously within your past and your present. Because a thought, as electric action, may exist both within your past and your present, this is not to say that it becomes two electric actions, one existing in the past and one existing in the future. Rather the one electric action or thought is simultaneously projected, through a peculiarity of its axis, so that it appears within your field, not in two places at once, but in two times at once.

The physical body, in other words, exists as an electrical body that is not material, that has a peculiar mass but no weight, whose characteristics are apparent in terms of not varying shapes, but varying intensities and concentrations of electric force. In some respects there are differences. The mind, which is not physically represented in the material body, does exist electrically. The brain, which exists physically, is a part of the mind in the electric structure. The organs exist electrically. The skin does not exist within this electric counterpart, although the physical skin does contain electric force.

Now. If you could see the body as it exists within the electric field, you would certainly not recognize it, for its shape would bear no resemblance to the physical shape as you know it. The electric counterpart to the physical body exists, then, as an identity formed by various electrical systems operating more or less as one. It is an electric reality in which most certainly even thoughts exist as actualities, ever-moving spheres of more or less independent electric systems.

TES3 Session 123 January 20, 1965 electrical emotions attractions climate independent

[...] Dimensions do indeed exist within this electrical field of which I have spoken, and it should be understood that I speak of an independent electrical field, and not of the weak, apparent electrical effects that can be observed within the brain or nervous system. The electrical reality of emotions and thoughts represents a thought dimension that has been completely neglected; and in it there are other dimensions; as within your field there is apparent space and time and height and thickness, so in the electrical system there is intensity and what I will call space reality, electrical mass and potentiality, which is different from intensity and polarity.

[...] Since these are electrical actions, they set up strong electrical fields of attraction within the personality, easy electric paths. [...] Habit, then, has not only a psychological, but an electrical and psychological nature and implication.

[...] These are also electrically coded. [...] Dreams are particularly interesting from this viewpoint, as the original dream experience is a direct electrical experience, decoded electrically, subjectively then translated for the various areas of the inner self. All seemingly purely subjective experiences which take up no physical space, but are emotionally or subjectively felt, all such experiences exist first of all electrically.

TES3 Session 128 February 3, 1965 electrical intensity shape dissection field

[...] The apparent shapes, if you could see them within the electrical system, would seem to appear and disappear as pulses became stronger or weaker. Each and every thought and dream and experience that any human being has had exists as an individual, distinct electrical impulse of particular, unduplicated intensity. It exists not only isolated for example, or detached, but it exists as a part of the electrical pattern of that personality who originally created it. It is still a part of his electrical pattern, but it does also exist independently of him.

This electrical reality will be a basis for many future discussions, and you will see the basis behind my contention that dream locations indeed exist in actuality. It is important also to realize that psychic gestalts are built up electrically, and that many positive attractions exist between and within various electrical fields, so that there is constant motion and travel between them.

Realities existing within this electrical universe are built up through counteractions with the human personality and others. All psychological realities and experiences which are not materialized within the physical universe have their actual reality and existence within the electrical universe.

TES3 Session 131 February 10, 1965 electrical density denseness intensities field

I mentioned that the electrical universe is composed of electricity that is far different from your idea of it. Electricity as you perceive it within your field, is merely an echo emanation, or a sort of shadow image of these infinite varieties of pulsations, which give reality and actuality to many phenomena with which you are familiar, but which do not appear as tangible objects within the physical system.

[...] Before we close I want you to understand that your experiments in psychological time add to your mobility and subconscious manipulation within the electrical universe. And all psychic experience must have reality here, that is, within the electrical system. There is no psychic experience which does not have such electric reality. [...]

We have seen that all experience is retained in electrically coded data within the cells, and that the material of the cells forms about this coded experience. We have seen that the ego begins, sparked into being, by the inner self, greatly influenced by heredity and physical environment; and that this ego as it continues to exist gradually builds up an electrical reality of its own, as its experiences form into coded data within the cells.

TES3 Session 127 February 2, 1965 electrical decoded intensities meaningful predictions

Within the mind the dream has an electrical reality. Within the brain the dream has an electric and psychological reality; a much weaker electrical reality. That is, it still exists as an electrical reality, but it is not recognized as such by the brain or the psychological awareness of an individual. [...]

[...] An intensity pattern is made up of electrical signals. Each slight variation in intensity is meaningful from this information, as to physical time; placement in space and the like must be comprehended, and this particular specific type of information is a relatively small part of the original dream experience, which is composed of electrical pattern, thick only in terms of intensity.

You must, then, project or materialize the dream universe outside of the physical self in an electric reality, and then reinterpret it, because the original dream experience has an electric reality that cannot be perceived or used, even by its creators, until it is decoded.

TES3 Session 125 January 25, 1965 electrical intensity distance Lee incense

In the electrical field it is the intensity of any given actuality that determines this sort of duration, and the intensity can project such an actuality into many dimensions at once. The intensity of a given actuality within the electrical field, of itself, determines the other dimensions of the actuality. [...] Within the electrical system, intensity is also responsible for the potentiality, duration and electrical mass, which is a mass of a different sort; a mass that takes up no space, and is not made of matter as you know it, but mass whose thickness is one of varying electrical intensities which form a definite shape, a separate field more or less, an electrical coded counterpart for physical matter.

There is indeed an electrical journeying through these intensities. There is constant motion in this system, as in all others, and the constant motion within the electrical system makes motion possible within your own system; and “time” is indeed, here, an electrical impulse that grows by intensity, and not by moments.

[...] I bring this up now since there is a connection here, if you will excuse a pun, but there is a connection here with the electrical field. You realize now that psychological conditions have their existence within electrical reality, and so certain frames of mind will then be duplicated within the electrical field.

TES3 Session 126 January 27, 1965 electric psychoelectric system codes brain

[...] Dreams have an electric actuality, as I have told you. In this electrical actuality they then exist independently of the dreamer, although he still applies the dream to himself. In the same manner do thoughts and emotions have the electric reality of which I have spoken. Therefore, within the electric system, dreams, thoughts and emotions exist as actualities, and in what you may call a tangible form, though not in the form of matter as you are familiar with it.

[...] These electric coded signals then form electric counterparts of complete experience, as it has been felt by any given individual. [...] In other words, each individual from birth on forms his own counterpart from built up, individual, continuous electric signals. [...]

[...] These reasons have to do with the electric actuality of the inner self, and with that counterpart of the physical body which exists within the electric field.

TES3 Session 135 February 24, 1965 electrical distance intensities Callahan Mark

No electrical reality is composed of simply one impulse. Although we must speak in these terms for simplicity’s sake, every electrical impulse is of itself composed of a truly endless variety and range of intensities. In other words, each electrical impulse contains within it its own infinity of variations.

[...] For you see, your experience of me now exists in electrically coded data within your own systems. [...] I still exist, however, in electrically coded data within, or about, yourself; as I have explained that all individual experience is so electrically coded and retained.

Therefore, traveling through such distance would involve travel through the electrical intensities that go into the existence of any given action as it electrically occurs. [...]

TES3 Session 136 March 1, 1965 duplicate identical electrical sender transmitted

The components of the electrical universe are drawn from all energy, in a manner that could be described as a cosmic juggling act. For this energy is never still, and it goes without saying that no electrical impulse is stable from one instant of reality to the next. [...] It is not therefore of the same intensity, though it may contain the same approximate electrical mass.

[...] I have told you that emotions also possess an electrical reality. Thoughts formed and sent out within the impulse range of emotion often succeed because of the peculiar nature of emotional electrical impulses themselves. They have a particularly strong electrical mass. [...]

[...] Portions of the electrical universe are projected into many fields. Therefore electricity to some degree is recognized as a reality within many fields.

SDPC Part Three: Chapter 13 dream electrical rem intensities world

The electrical system is composed of electricity that is far different from your idea of it. Electricity, as you perceive it, is merely an echo emanation or a sort of shadow image of these infinite varieties of pulsation which give actuality to many phenomena with which you are familiar, but which do not appear as tangible objects within the physical field. [...]

This electrical system is vastly dense. This is a denseness that does not take up space, a denseness caused by an infinity of electrical fields of varying ranges of intensity. Not only are no two of these electrical fields identical, but there are no identical impulses within them.

The electricity that is perceivable within your system is merely a projection of a vast electrical system that you cannot perceive. So far, scientists have been able to study electricity only by observing the projections of it that are perceivable within their terms of reference. [...]

TES4 Session 187 September 13, 1965 electrical Peggy ulcer toothbrush Jesuit

There are chemical and electrical connections that cannot be ignored here. For a dream has a chemical reality and an electrical reality. It is built up, on one level, of chemical components that have an electrical basis, and it is through these connections that transformation within the nerve structure of the physical organism is made.

[...] There still must be a connection with the physical organism, and here our chemical and electrical components enter in. Each dream is actually built up through a chemical synthesis that follows strong electrical pathways.

You recall that all experience has an electrical reality, deposited from birth within the physical cells of the body, so that at physical death we have an electrical counterpart of the physical being with all memory and experience intact. [...]

TES3 Session 137 March 3, 1965 action identity electrical perceived vitality

Action is basically electrical, but within your field only the most obvious forms of electrical action have been perceived. In this one respect your technology has let you down, but the electrical manifestations of which I speak could not even be searched for, or anticipated within your physical field, until the reality of man’s psychic nature began to make itself known. [...]

Discovery of these other electrical realities will explain much that previously could not be explained. All realities with which you will be concerned, and with which mankind is intimately concerned, are built up electrically. A dream is as valid an electrical reality as a lightning bolt, the difference being that the lightning bolt projects itself into your awareness through the outer senses.

[...] Action, the very action of transmission, alters the nature, the electrical reality of the thought itself. [...]

TES4 Session 188 September 15, 1965 astral downstairs Hagel Bob plastic

There must be a connection however with the physical organism, and the connection, the physical connection, is both electrical and chemical. The connection between what you might call materializations, and the physical organism, are also electrical and chemical. [...]

Distractions, or fear of distractions, have their own reality, and set up strongly positive electrical charges which can be detrimental, although other conditions, chemical and electrical conditions, must also be considered. [...]

Dream images, not astral projections, operate within certain electrical limits, limits that form the boundaries of the dream universe. [...]

TES3 Session 133 February 17, 1965 frog seat burned electrical pond

[...] The electric universe, of which you know so little, is a reality, and yet it is also a symbol of another reality. For behind even this electrical universe there is a reality which cannot be explored in terms of speech; for all consciousness, while having an electric reality, has a reality beyond even this.

When I speak of the electrical universe, indeed this represents but one more facet of reality. [...] Here is the secret, if you could but see it: Even though the electrical universe might seem to you far divorced from what you know, nevertheless you dwell within it. [...]

It is the vitality of the universe, and all universes, which causes the electrical reality, and the vitality of the universe, composing everything that is, cannot be touched. [...]

TES4 Session 162 June 14, 1965 Lorraine electrical witnesses delivery brogue

Actions have an electrical reality. Your outer senses do not perceive electrical realities of this nature. Nevertheless, you are a gestalt of electrical actions. Within the physical matter of your chromosomes there are electrically coded systems. [...] The chromosomes are the physical materialization of the inner electrical data.

The following basic subjects are necessary for an understanding of what we are trying to say, particularly for any practical application: the construction of physical matter; the psychological and electrical gestalt that results in the formation of a self; the nature of the dream universe; the electrical system, as it is related to both the physical universe and the inner psychic gestalt; the nature of action; mental enclosures; mental genes; and again, all of these subjects in relationship to their reality as action.

[...] I have discussed in some detail the electrical makeup of the physical body, and of the atoms and molecules, and cells and organs, that compose it.

TES8 Session 335 April 17, 1967 ionization lightning climate automobile circumstances

[...] The electrical currents are not working to our advantage; this being a peculiar circumstance, incidentally, having to do with a changed ionization of the surface of the ground, that sometimes occurs about this season. This in connection with the high electrical content of the near atmosphere.

[...] Under different conditions, an electric storm can be beneficial to our purposes. [...]

TES4 Session 197 October 11, 1965 electromagnetic test Peggy identity dog

[...] Again, the mass is composed of electrical intensities. [...] One electrical pulsation can represent an emotional experience. [...]

[...] The individual identity, composed of its electrically and magnetically coded experiences, is therefore intact. [...]

[...] Also, the chemical nature of certain emotional experiences may cause a freak electrical storm within the identity system, so that a past life may suddenly be recalled.

UR2 Appendix 17: (For Session 711) beta waves brain theta eeg

(There are four recognized [electrical] brain waves, and in speed they range upward from 0 to 26 and more Hertz units, or cycles per second. [...]

[...] In addition, the two hemispheres of the individual brain often show variations in electrical energy states. [...]

(Our curiosity about such speculations led me to plan this appendix shortly after the 711th session was held, and I asked Jane if Seth could eventually offer some insights about the brain’s electrical reality. [...]

TES3 Session 134 February 22, 1965 aggressive explosions regularity meek scratching

Emotions also are electrically coded, and also have an independent electrical reality. On a physical level they are both chemical and electrical. [...]

You know by now that emotions even change the physical cells, sweeping through them as wind through branches, and leaving imprints in many realities, leaving imprints within the reality of dreams, the physical reality, and in electrical reality, in terms of coded systems.

ECS1 ESP Class Session, August 20, 1968 classes sic choosy sailing withdraw

[...] Now indeed, not only does each thought have an electrical reality of its own and endures unchanged, but what you consider to be yourself has an electrical reality and is coded in terms that you cannot presently understand. [...]

[...] Ruburt will explain electrical reality from our sessions. [...]

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