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TES3 Session 125 January 25, 1965 5/56 (9%) electrical intensity distance Lee incense
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 125 January 25, 1965 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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Nor, in the electrical system, is there distance in terms of space or time.

There is, again, depth which is a depth of intensity; and yet within this depth of intensity there exists distances in terms of action, which is a fairly new idea in these sessions.

You conceive of action in terms of time, since within the physical field a given action appears to actually take up time, almost in the same way that a chair seems to take up space. The chair of course does not take up space, but is part of what you call space. Nor does the action take up time. It is part of what you call time. Nevertheless, in the electrical system there is distance in terms of action. Each action is separate and not continuous with other action, in terms of continuity.

The distance occurs within the intensity of an action within the electrical field, as to say, you could fall into depths of intensity. The falling into would itself involve action. The action as it happened, then, falling through the intensity, would be falling into what I mean by distance. Dreams have this kind of distance. Again, as a simple analogy, in a dream you may travel down a road. This involves distance in essence, although within your physical universe the particular road does not exist, so that spatially no distance would exist.

I mean that the distance would not exist spatially, but the distance would exist. Action within the electrical system, then, would involve this same sort of distance without space; the road would then be an imaginary road of intensity.

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