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TES3 Session 125 January 25, 1965 4/56 (7%) electrical intensity distance Lee incense
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 125 January 25, 1965 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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(We tried an impromptu seance with our guests, Judy and Lee Wright, Sunday evening. We burned incense during the evening, and while holding the seance sat at a coffee table and held hands.

(As in the case with Dee and Joe Masters on the evening of November 24,1964–see the 110th session–some results were obtained that did not involve Seth in any way. This time Lee Wright seemed to respond to Jane’s suggestions; these suggestions were not specifically directed at Lee, but were generalized statements designed to set a mood, etc. In both of these instances Jane appeared to act as an agent or catalyst. She does not yet know how she accomplishes this, but feels intuitively that it is so.

(It is of interest to note that Judy and Lee do not know about Seth, or the existence of the material. Twice during the seance Lee obtained effects or results which seem to fit in with Seth’s description of some of the inner senses and their use. Once he achieved a feeling of transportation psychically to another room; the other time he felt the room we were all gathered in had enlarged a great deal. Jane and I have both approximated these sensations during psychological time experiments also.

(Lee Wright also breathed very heavily during the seance, felt a great relaxation, and yet also felt he could end the experiment at any time. After the second effect he wanted Jane to continue. I felt that enough had been done for a start, and Jane acceded to my wishes.)

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