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TES3 Session 127 February 2, 1965 8/44 (18%) electrical decoded intensities meaningful predictions
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 127 February 2, 1965 9 PM Tuesday (Makeup for Monday)

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(On February 1 I began to make a list of daily predictions, as Jane has been doing for some time now.

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We were speaking, among other things, of intensities, and this is connected with both dream symbols and other such data. Dreams, having an electrical reality as I explained, must be decoded to have meaning to various levels of the subconscious and the personality. In Ruburt’s predictions he has only begun. There will be other significant data that will be observed, as he learns to use his ability. And much of this significant material that he will observe from his predictions will also apply to dream symbols.

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(I would also like to state here that Jane’s predictions, made daily, have recently begun to prove out with what seems to be an amazing frequency. Their effectiveness runs in cycles, but her percentage of “hits” or partial hits has steadily increased.)

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I am going to give you a break, and then discuss what I meant by difficulties of interpretation concerning predictions and dreams.

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When I spoke of interpretation of data in predictions, or clairvoyance, I was not speaking in terms of psychological interpretation.

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This data must be interpreted in such a way that the conscious mind then can give a prediction, say, but also in such a way that its reality exits simultaneously with consciousness, but never so replacing consciousness that the ego grows alarmed. This is often done by the use of symbols which are not immediately apparent to consciousness, and thus are allowed through. Then it is too late for the ego to close its gates against them. But the symbols chosen must be of a nature so that they will become meaningful to consciousness, to as large an extent as possible after emergence.

The experimentation with daily predictions will show you quite clearly, with practice, the nature of such distortions, as you see the difference between the predicted event and the event that occurs. Also for economy and for the reason given above, symbols may stand for more than one physical reality, and so may they in some of the earlier predictions given in this material.

We have spoken of expectations. These, you see, are electrical realities, which may explain their importance; for you not only sometimes predict so-called future events, but you create their actuality within the electrical field, and therefore insure their existence one way or another within the physical field.

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