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TES3 Session 126 January 27, 1965 4/48 (8%) electric psychoelectric system codes brain
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 126 January 27, 1965 9 PM Wednesday as Scheduled

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Thoughts are psychoelectric patterns, set up by the mind, and transformed to human codes by the brain.

The mind is always with you. The particular brain is the physical mechanism that translates the thoughts of the mind. It goes without saying then, that the brain belongs to the physical system, and here in clear terms you see the smooth cooperation that exists. Thoughts are initially psychoelectric patterns in pure form, productions of the inner self that must be translated in order to be used by the physical self.

Inspiration is often a more or less instantaneous translation, occurring for various reasons which I will give you later, without the benefit of the brain’s intervention. It is this strangeness that is often noted. The individual seems not to know where the thought comes from, because he does not recognize the characteristic mark of his brain upon it. And indeed such a mark is lacking, for inspiration originates with the inner self.

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Even the electric reality of a dream is decoded, so that its effects are experienced not only by the brain, but in the furthest reaches of the most minute cells in the human body. Dream experiences long forgotten are forever contained as electrically coded within the cells of the physical body. If an effect is felt in any one portion of human experience, then you can be sure that such an effect is felt in all other possible ways, whether or not such an effect is immediately obvious. This is also an extremely important point to remember.

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