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TES3 Session 122 January 18, 1965 2/32 (6%) electrical field system force protrudes
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 122 January 18, 1965 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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Existence in this field has great importance, particularly as far as the physical brain mechanism is concerned, and there are far more connections here than your scientists have yet discovered. The nerve impulses leap and connect the two fields continually, and interrelate them in a most intimate manner. Only infrequently does the electric field protrude visibly in your field, yet in its own field it is indeed tangible, but not in terms of matter. This field is also concerned with what you call growth in your own field. Electric impulses within atoms and molecules are part of the structure of your physical universe, while matter is not perceived directly in the electric field itself.

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It is not simply that some weak electrical force exists within the physical body, but that a portion of the physical body has its actual existence within a strong force field; that the whole physical body has counterparts, so to speak, within this force field, and that so far man has discovered only the comparatively weak electrical charges of one particular kind in general, that most obviously protrudes into the physical universe.

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