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TES3 Session 127 February 2, 1965 15/44 (34%) electrical decoded intensities meaningful predictions
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 127 February 2, 1965 9 PM Tuesday (Makeup for Monday)

[... 8 paragraphs ...]

We were speaking, among other things, of intensities, and this is connected with both dream symbols and other such data. Dreams, having an electrical reality as I explained, must be decoded to have meaning to various levels of the subconscious and the personality. In Ruburt’s predictions he has only begun. There will be other significant data that will be observed, as he learns to use his ability. And much of this significant material that he will observe from his predictions will also apply to dream symbols.

This has to do, again, with intensities, which are decoded in many and complicated fashions. The meaning, so to speak, must be separated and made meaningful to many psychological areas, some of which would not even seem to speak the same language.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

To be so decoded, there are also delicate manipulations in terms of fine distinctions. An intensity pattern is made up of electrical signals. Each slight variation in intensity is meaningful from this information, as to physical time; placement in space and the like must be comprehended, and this particular specific type of information is a relatively small part of the original dream experience, which is composed of electrical pattern, thick only in terms of intensity.

The various levels of the subconscious and the personality are attuned to the particular intensities of the dream experience which they can perceive and interpret, and which has meaning to them. The dream experience is much larger and, again, more concentrated than is supposed.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Various portions then of the entire self are attuned to their own intensities, picking up signals, interpreting only portions of the whole dream experience. I am using the term dream experience because it is a familiar word to you. However, the dream experience, you see, represents only a portion or particular range of intensities from a larger experience. In dreams you perceive but part.

I have told you that you create your dreams, in actuality, not in theory alone. You create an actuality, a dream universe, as real as the physical universe. It simply cannot be directly perceived within the physical universe. There is always interaction. You can perceive the dream experience, you can receive its particular intensities, because you have created the dream experience within the universe of those intensities. But the dream universe and the dream experience, like thoughts and emotions, are independent of you in existence. You influence the dream universe but you cannot stop a dream experience after you have created it, and you must create it within the small range of intensities available for its existence, for there are no other conditions or agreeable ranges of intensity within which the dream experience can exist.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

The experience of emotions and thoughts and other psychological realities that do not take up space physically within your universe, all represent portions of, small portions of, what I will for now term initial experience. Psychological reality, emotional reality, and the reality of thought also become valid to human personality through their existence as various intensities. All psychic realities are in this classification also. All of these, with the dream experience, are received and recognized by various levels of the self, through their identifying intensities.

They are then decoded and the experience is translated or interpreted into meaningful data. In the original dream experience then, the electrical reality of the dream is broken down, so to speak, into its varying intensities, by the mind.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

One symbol will be meaningful to many portions of the personality. The symbol will be the same. That is, any given symbol will be the same, but it will be so chosen by the mind that it will have definite meanings to various portions of the self, and the meanings may be quite different. In the breaking-down process the intensities are separated into the most minute values, each value an electrical impulse representing any one of many references. And all of these references are contained within a given impulse, electrical impulse, that will be decoded by the mind.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

This form is the electric symbol. It is received by the brain and changed into a more or less pure psychological symbol. Or in case, in the case, of a dream, it is changed into a dream symbol. The dream as perceived by the mind then, is a pattern of electrical impulses, all more or less within a particular range of intensity.

The mind breaks down this pattern into still more refinements of intensities, each refinement making possible a refinement of meaning. The dream is then passed on to the brain, where the electric symbol becomes a psychological or dream symbol. No intensity of impulse is actually ever the same as any other.

It is for this reason that such a rich diversity in such symbols is possible, and it is for this reason that one symbol can have various meanings to different levels of the personality. The various meanings of any given symbol are expressed and recognized as the intensity ever so minutely changes. This, as I have explained, also has something to do with your idea of physical time.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

It has changed, in other words, as far as pattern is concerned. New patterns are formed, groupings of intensities that will be meaningful to various levels of the personality. To make such data meaningful to the conscious self requires other steps of subconscious interpretation that actually have to do with an electrical regrouping and realignment.

This cannot be done, obviously, at a conscious level. The subconscious can be trained to do so, but usually it is necessarily hampered in that it cannot use those ranges of intensity which make up meanings to the ego. Hence the appearance of what you may call distortions.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

I told you that in measuring your physical time, you actually measure intensities. Your creations in the electrical universe may be said to appear as your future in the physical universe. This point is extremely important, and will explain many other questions. My use of terms such as electrical universe, and so forth, is merely for the sake of simplicity. They are all one, but to explain them I must seem to dissect them and separate them, so that you may see their various identities. This has been a most fruitful session, in terms of significant material. I will not keep you now, but do intend that we hold our regular session tomorrow evening, as planned.

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