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TES3 Session 133 February 17, 1965 2/44 (5%) frog seat burned electrical pond
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 133 February 17, 1965 9 PM Wednesday as Scheduled

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(The day after the last session Jane realized that she had burned herself on the back of her right leg, just above the heel. While it was not overly severe, the burn was deep enough to have formed a scar; yet she could not recall when she had been burned. She later realized she had done it during the last session.

(During sessions now, Jane sits in our rocker across from my writing table. She usually faces our big bay window. Beneath the window is a heater, covered by a metal window seat. At times this “seat” becomes too hot to touch. At times also, Jane sits with her feet propped up on this seat while dictating. Checking, she discovered that while in her usual position with her feet up, the burn coincided exactly with the edge of the seat. I had wondered at times about the seat becoming too hot, but had taken it for granted that Jane automatically lowered her feet when it became too warm. Evidently she had neglected to do so, at least once, yet had felt no pain. I would also remember had the session been interrupted by her. Both of us have speculated about whether she is less sensitive to pain while in her trance state.

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