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TES2 Session 45 April 20, 1964 9/110 (8%) camouflage Callahan cube hypnotism Miss
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 45 April 20, 1964 9 PM Monday as Instructed

[... 30 paragraphs ...]

Hypnotism will become more and more a tool of scientific investigation. Telepathy will be proven without a doubt, and utilized, sadly enough in the beginning, for purposes of war and intrigue. Nevertheless telepathy will enable your race to make its first contact with alien intelligence. It will not at first be recognized as such.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

As to the means, the very simplest and crudest but still to be adopted method will prove to be hypnotism, simply because at this point your personalities will not trust their own abilities but must rely upon suggestion from the outside.

I hope to try with you methods of energy transference divorced from or divested from hypnotism as such. This will be one of our experiments together and will not be too far in the future. When the time comes we three will try together. In the meantime preparation includes a systematic and scheduled use of psychological time.

Hypnotism will be used scientifically simply as a means of breaking down the inhibitions of the outer personality. It goes without saying that such inhibitions are necessary on your plane, and any experiments that we try will be carried on in a most disciplined fashion.

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

Hypnotism is important merely as a tool to release the conscious personality from the camouflage inhibitions. It then allows knowledge to rise up. In ordinary circumstances the conscious self deals mainly with camouflage existence. This is after all primarily its purpose.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Hypnotism then is one tool to enable the conscious personality to divest itself of its concentrated focus upon outer camouflage, and to enable it to focus instead upon the inner self. The main rule here is merely a change of focus. Knowledge of the basic universe can be achieved, interpreted and retained by your scientists in ways that I will at first outline, and then cover more completely.

Hypnotism is a safer method to begin with than drugs, but hypnotism itself is not necessary if there is an inner willingness to explore the inner universe. The main barrier is the ego’s fear of being subjugated, even as it fears subjugation imagined in death. If the ego can be made to understand that inner awareness, exploration and investigation will actually enlarge its scope of awareness there will be little difficulty.

It may be necessary in the beginning to induce more or less complete amnesia, but this should be avoided. Through constant practice with hypnotism your scientists will discover that it is possible, and definitely beneficial, to allow the conscious ego to retain its memory. Since there is no real division between the ego and the subconscious, the knowledge of the ego and the knowledge of the subconscious are merged in any case. But to be truly effective there should be no attempt to hide subconscious knowledge from the ego.

I realize that hypnotism will be utilized first. Nevertheless progress could be quickened if persons who did not need hypnotism to divest themselves of outer focus were used in scientific experiments.

[... 52 paragraphs ...]

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