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TES2 Session 45 April 20, 1964 6/110 (5%) camouflage Callahan cube hypnotism Miss
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 45 April 20, 1964 9 PM Monday as Instructed

[... 49 paragraphs ...]

(During the day Jane called the hospital to try to verify the information Seth had given us on the condition of Miss Callahan. See the 44th session, page 17. She learned instead that a week or so previously Miss Callahan’s relatives had moved her to a rest home. The hospital did not know which rest home. To me this implied that Miss Callahan was in better condition, but Jane said she felt otherwise, that Seth’s material here was not distorted.

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(The 46th session was due Wednesday, April 22, 1964, at 9 PM as usual. At 8:35 two of Miss Callahan’s relatives knocked on our door: Miss Betty Dineen, an older woman who is a teacher, and a distant relative but close friend of Miss Callahan’s, and Miss Callahan’s nephew John. We keep the key to Miss Callahan’s apartment, and bring up her mail each day; periodically one or another relative comes to pick up the mail and check over the apartment.

(Miss Dineen gave Jane information evidently confirming Seth’s prediction that April 15 would be a day of crisis for Miss Callahan. Without going into all the details about Seth, Jane learned from Miss Dineen that in the middle of that week, which would be on April 15, Miss Callahan’s condition became so bad that hospital officials insisted she be moved to a rest home as soon as possible. Miss Callahan required constant care, which the hospital could not provide.

(She was therefore moved from the hospital on Saturday, April 18. Miss Callahan’s condition showed the following symptoms: erratic behavior, yelling, screaming, throwing things, trying to get out of bed. [She has been tied in bed for some time now.]

(Miss Dineen said that at times, even in the rest home, Miss Callahan will have brief periods of comparative lucidity.

(When Jane called the hospital on April 20, she talked to a nurse who did not know the details of Miss Callahan’s case, Miss Dineen said; otherwise we would have learned of the real circumstances of Miss Callahan’s removal much sooner. I had thought that her removal from the hospital meant an improvement in her condition.)

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