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TES1 Session 29 February 26, 1964 6/86 (7%) plane Callahan Miss Watts camouflage
– The Early Sessions: Book 1 of The Seth Material
– Session 29 February 26, 1964 9 PM Wednesday as Instructed

[... 10 paragraphs ...]

(“Seth, why did Miss Callahan tell us back in early December that she didn’t know, or at least remember, Frank Watts?”

(Jane had asked Miss Callahan about Frank Watts soon after our first session, of December 2/63.)

She did not remember Frank Watts, although he exaggerated to some degree. They did meet rather often over a period of many years, as she taught his children. He admired her very much, as his children found her an excellent teacher. One in particular. Frank Watts considered her a friend, attaching more importance than she did to her influence upon his children; but beyond this her present personality has been gently disentangling itself from this plane, and she simply did not remember.

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

(“Is Frank Watts aware of what’s happening to Miss Callahan?”)

Frank Watts is not yet aware of this, but shortly will be. His powers are not yet developed enough, even here, so that he can be aware of this until she is almost completely materialized.

I have mentioned that the emotions, if you will forgive me, are the tail end of the inner senses. Frank Watts would be aware of the approaching death of a previous child, for example, though not of the approaching death of Miss Callahan at this time. He has been resting. For a while his energies were directed toward your plane in a strong, almost compulsive personal manner, and had Miss Callahan been ill then he would have known.

[... 60 paragraphs ...]

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