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TES2 Session 45 April 20, 1964 24/110 (22%) camouflage Callahan cube hypnotism Miss
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 45 April 20, 1964 9 PM Monday as Instructed

[... 14 paragraphs ...]

As temperatures in various depths of ocean change, and as even the color of the water and of the flora and fauna change, so too in our value climate there are quality changes, and senses equipped to project and perceive the changes. There are distortions because of the limitations of the outer senses, but the inner senses do not distort. The inner senses inhabit directly the atmosphere of our value climate; and they see through the evervarying camouflage patterns, and the flux and flow of apparent change. In our sessions to some small degree you plunge into this ocean of value climate, and to the extent that you are able to divest yourselves of the clothes of camouflage, to that extent can you truly be aware of this climate.

What is required is more than a divesting of clothes however. To plunge into this ocean you also leave the physical body at the shore. It will be there when you get back. Your camouflage patterns can be likened to the patterns cast by sun and shadow upon the ever-moving waves. As long as you keep the pattern in mind, you create it, and it is there. If you turn your head away for a moment and then look quickly back you can see only the wave. Your camouflage and your world is created by conscious focusing and unconscious concentration. Only by turning your head away for a moment can you see what is beneath the seemingly solid pattern. By plunging into our ocean of value climate you can dive beneath your camouflage system and look up to see it, relatively foundationless, floating above you, moved, formed and directed by the shifting illusions caused by the wind of will, and the force of subconscious concentration and demand.

Yet even these camouflage patterns must follow the basic rules of the inner universe, and reflect them even if in a distortive manner. So does value expansion become reincarnation and evolution and growth. So are all the other basic laws of the inner universe followed on every plane, and reflected from the most minute to the most gigantic spectrum.

Concentrating upon your own camouflage universe, you are able to distinguish only the distortive pattern, and from this pattern you deduce your ideas of cause and effect, past, present and future, and ideas of an expanding universe that bloats. Consciousness takes up no space nor is it enclosed by time, as you know time. The camouflage patterns that seem to enclose consciousness are temporary, for short term only, and for limited but necessary purpose.

Any investigation of the basic inner universe, which is the only real universe, must be done as much as possible from a point outside your own distortions, but the only way open for you to escape the distortions of your own physical universe is to journey inward. To get outside your own universe, you must travel inward, and this represents the only perspective free of distortive elements, from which valid experimentation can be carried on. Your so-called scientific, so-called objective experiments can continue for an eternity, but they only probe further and further with camouflage instruments into a camouflage universe.

The subconscious, it is true, has elements of its own distortions, but these are easier to escape than the tons of distortive camouflage atmosphere that weigh your scientific experiments down.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

You cannot have so-called objective experiments when you are surrounded by, and dealing with, and intertwined with, the elements of the camouflage universe. You are, or scientists are, working within what may be described as one small cube within literally millions of somewhat similar though different cubes, the cubes all representing various camouflage universes.

If they were ever lucky enough to pierce through their own cube, which is doubtful, they would merely discover the cube nearest to them, without ever imagining that there were literally numberless such cubes. A small portion of the spacious present appears in your cube but you see it in camouflage terms of continuity, in camouflage waves of past, present and future.

Like rats in mazes, with luck you could theoretically travel from one cube or maze to another, though practically this is impossible. But even if your experiments gave you knowledge of many of these camouflage cube universes, you would learn little of the basic uncamouflaged inner universe, where all such divisions disappear.

Any scientific personage of your generation will immediately panic at such suggestions as I am making. You are so taken up with your precious camouflage patterns, and so unfamiliar with the inner propulsion behind all such materializations, that it will be a while before any headway is made.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

There is only a relatively small layer of personal material, and therefore egotistical and distortive material, at the upper reaches of the subconscious. This layer can be quickly recognized, as a rule. Ruburt recognizes it now, and he is no scientist or psychologist. For the record, you understand that I am referring to egotistical material as that portion that is concerned with the outer camouflage-oriented personality, and that the stronger inner ego actually represents the power and ability behind the outer ego.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Beneath this, pure and simple, undistorted, there for the searching, absolutely free for the asking, is the knowledge inherent in the inner self pertaining to the inner universe as a whole, its laws and principles, its composition. Here you will find, undistorted, uncamouflaged, the innate knowledge of the creation of the camouflage universe, the mechanics involved, much of the material that I have given you, the method and ways by which the inner self as a basic inhabitant of the inner universe, existing in the climate of psychological reality, helps create the various planes of existence, constructs outer senses to project and perceive the various apparent realities or camouflages, how the inner self reincarnates on the various planes. Here you will find your answers as to how the inner self transforms energy for his own purposes, changes his form, adopts other apparent realities, and all this free for the investigation.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

There is nothing any more strange in such contact than there is in my contact with you. But because you are so involved with camouflage apparent reality, contact with such intelligence will be a startling discovery. The contact made will be from one male to another, although the alien male, from another camouflage galaxy, will be more involved than you consider possible.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Space travel, in your terms, will develop in a seemingly extravagant and startling fashion, only to be dumped as such when your scientists discover that space as you know it is a distortion, and that journeying from one so-called galaxy to another is done by divesting the physical body from camouflage. The vehicle of so-called space travel is mental and psychic mobility, in terms of psychic transformation of energy, enabling spontaneous and instantaneous mobility through the spacious present.

[... 15 paragraphs ...]

Hypnotism is important merely as a tool to release the conscious personality from the camouflage inhibitions. It then allows knowledge to rise up. In ordinary circumstances the conscious self deals mainly with camouflage existence. This is after all primarily its purpose.

However, when it is enabled to let go its preoccupation with the camouflage universe, it can receive and be aware of data received by the inner senses. Such data does not have to be retained on a subconscious level. The conscious personality can be trained to receive, interpret and retain such knowledge. Otherwise such knowledge would be relatively without value in your camouflage universe.

Hypnotism then is one tool to enable the conscious personality to divest itself of its concentrated focus upon outer camouflage, and to enable it to focus instead upon the inner self. The main rule here is merely a change of focus. Knowledge of the basic universe can be achieved, interpreted and retained by your scientists in ways that I will at first outline, and then cover more completely.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

Telepathy involves of course a focusing of abilities and energy. The trouble is that when you are dealing with, say, the transmission of a picture, you are still dealing with camouflage. You will do better when you focus inwardly in a receptive manner, but without any inhibiting factor. That is when you are willing to receive whatever comes. Focusing upon a camouflage objective will give you a camouflage result.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Using Ruburt’s phrase, this may sound “far-out,” (in quotes), but even by the year 2000 it will all sound quite reasonable, and long before that your scientists will come to conclusions much like these. It is simply much easier, and even more scientific, to achieve a so-called, again, objective view of your universe by going inward, than it is to attempt to escape your distortive atmosphere by going further outward, because in the outward direction you will only meet more camouflage.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

If scientists think that the inner world is a murky maze of intimate chaos, let them see what happens when they attempt space travel; that is, journeys through a camouflage nonexistent space to begin with, with a camouflage vehicle. They will get no further to the heart of truth or reality than a fly buzzing around the outside, forever-closed-to-him, portion of a round, hard, unripe apple.

[... 16 paragraphs ...]

We are working slow in some respects, but building a firm foundation. Experiments will be conducted, for example, as far as traveling through your camouflage space is concerned; and not only will this traveling be effected, but the physical form must be apparent to others in two places at once, so to speak. Material must be carefully gathered by the personality in its secondary location, to make such experiments effective in scientific circles.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

I want to go into discussion as to actual experiments that can be conducted in laboratories, with definite, valid results. Telepathy is one, of course, but eventually it should be disconnected from camouflage physical material.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

These sessions represent what you might call previews of eternity, in that you are to some extent receptors of thought that is not hampered by time, and of a companionship that has not ceased with the stirring of the centuries, and with a valid emotional relationship that has escaped the camouflage aspect of physical reality.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

However, if you invited me to stay longer then of course I would. In any case you had better break. Ruburt’s hand sensation is now most obvious, representing as it does merely a small and insignificant aspect of the extension of self which I mentioned earlier. When this first occurs the natural reaction is to translate it in terms of physical camouflage data, so that you get a corresponding enlargement of tissues. Take your break or end the session.

[... 8 paragraphs ...]

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