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TES2 Session 45 April 20, 1964 3/110 (3%) camouflage Callahan cube hypnotism Miss
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 45 April 20, 1964 9 PM Monday as Instructed

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You cannot have so-called objective experiments when you are surrounded by, and dealing with, and intertwined with, the elements of the camouflage universe. You are, or scientists are, working within what may be described as one small cube within literally millions of somewhat similar though different cubes, the cubes all representing various camouflage universes.

If they were ever lucky enough to pierce through their own cube, which is doubtful, they would merely discover the cube nearest to them, without ever imagining that there were literally numberless such cubes. A small portion of the spacious present appears in your cube but you see it in camouflage terms of continuity, in camouflage waves of past, present and future.

Like rats in mazes, with luck you could theoretically travel from one cube or maze to another, though practically this is impossible. But even if your experiments gave you knowledge of many of these camouflage cube universes, you would learn little of the basic uncamouflaged inner universe, where all such divisions disappear.

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