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TES3 Session 126 January 27, 1965 2/48 (4%) electric psychoelectric system codes brain
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 126 January 27, 1965 9 PM Wednesday as Scheduled

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Every effect of any kind, experienced by the human being, exists as a series of electrical signals and codes, that in themselves form a pattern that is an electrical pattern.

They exist within the cells, or I should more properly say that the cells form about them. These electric coded signals then form electric counterparts of complete experience, as it has been felt by any given individual. It is, the pattern is, then independent of the physical system, while residing within it. In other words, each individual from birth on forms his own counterpart from built up, individual, continuous electric signals. At physical death his personality then exists in its complete form, and of course escapes the sort of ending that it would suffer if it were an integral part of the physical system.

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