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TES3 Session 125 January 25, 1965 3/56 (5%) electrical intensity distance Lee incense
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 125 January 25, 1965 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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Your room dividers are even beneficial from this standpoint. Incense is good from two standpoints; of negative ions from smoke, and also because scent, smelling itself, has an electrical reality. Semidarkness merely aids in dissociation and concentration, and the lessening of camouflage data is helpful.

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(During last Saturday’s effort Jane, Bill and I sat in different parts of the room, not holding hands of course. We had been using incense during the evening. This is a habit we have cultivated somewhat since Bill introduced us to incense at the 86th session. We have not used it on session nights however, since.

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(We tried an impromptu seance with our guests, Judy and Lee Wright, Sunday evening. We burned incense during the evening, and while holding the seance sat at a coffee table and held hands.

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