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TES9 Session 430 August 22, 1968 4/65 (6%) Emolene apple Spanish Frazer America
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 430 August 22, 1968 8:41 PM Thursday

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Time is an apple. Time is no apple. Time (smile) is a worm in an apple. Time is a worm not in an apple; and yet such definitions will be absolutely meaningless to most people, for they can only think of time in terms of days or hours, and they do not think of time as experience itself, or quite simply, being.

And yet such definitions are far more near the truth than those that have to do with measurements. There are no measurements of any kind. Reality, of itself, forms an apple. Your perception of the apple enables you to see it piecemeal.

The apple is time. It is an event. It is the so-many-odd days or months that have gone into its production in your terms, or years that have gone into production of the tree. It is as much an event of time as it is an event of space.

Here I am merely using your terms to make the point. There are such natural things as apples, you see. There are no natural things such as minutes or hours. These are concepts imposed upon reality, but this does not make them real in themselves.

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