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TES9 Session 430 August 22, 1968 3/65 (5%) Emolene apple Spanish Frazer America
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 430 August 22, 1968 8:41 PM Thursday

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(The session was witnessed by Emolene Frazer; she is an ESP student in Jane’s Thursday night class. This is the regular session usually held Wednesday. It was arranged for a day later so Emolene could attend.

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(9:43. Jane was again in a very good trance, and took a bit to leave it. Emolene Frazer now left, but before she did she described her present home to us in some detail, since Jane and I have not seen it. The grounds surrounding the house are very elaborate, well and profusely decorated, and reaching for several hundred feet from the road in front to the back border of the property as it meets the Chemung River.

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(10:14. Jane was again well dissociated. The material was delivered rather rapidly throughout the session, except for the Frazer data.)

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