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TES9 Session 430 August 22, 1968 2/65 (3%) Emolene apple Spanish Frazer America
– The Early Sessions: Book 9 of The Seth Material
– Session 430 August 22, 1968 8:41 PM Thursday

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For our friend here (Jane pointed to Emolene), an existence in the land called Greece before it had that name. An existence in 14th-century Belgium. (Pause.) A life in a Spanish environment, with Spanish speaking people but in South America. This in the 1200’s. The personality has often been in a position to work with building, and in their construction, and was instrumental in working out the principles behind the arc (Jane gestured), arch, form.

(The 1200 date raises questions. As far as our accepted history goes, there wouldn’t have been any Spanish speaking colonies or groups in South America in the 1200’s. Latin America was opened up to Spanish settlement in the 1500’s, of course, after the voyage of Columbus in 1492...)

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