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TES8 Session 401 March 27, 1968 4/71 (6%) painting seascape transparents apple opaques
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 401 March 27, 1968 9:05 PM Wednesday

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An apple can do more in a painting than stand before the spirit of all apples, though that is an accomplishment. An apple can imply, through use of the exercise I have given you, the whole unseen universe, though not another object is shown in the painting itself.

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

The skin of the apple must also give the feeling that it is more than an enclosure, for through it energy from the sun also comes. While it seems solid it is open, and connected with the rest of the universe. An apple in a room goes out into that room. Do you see?

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

An apple is not stuck within a tight hole of space, you see, isolated there. It makes itself out of space, transforms space, into an apple, and this you must suggest.

(Humorously:) Ruburt does not want me to hurt your feelings with apples

[... 16 paragraphs ...]

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