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TES3 Session 120 January 11, 1965 5/37 (14%) fields chemicals mankind bravo excess
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 120 January 11, 1965 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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We will speak this evening concerning the importance of the existence of planes or fields of actuality which are as yet generally unrecognized within your own field. Due to mankind’s present general insistence upon recognizing no other fields of actuality but his own, the advance of knowledge is curtailed. No efforts will be made to determine the existence or importance of actualities when such actualities are not believed to exist to begin with, particularly when such a discovery would shatter the very foundations of knowledge as it now exists.

It is precisely because of this failure, because of man’s endeavor to explain data in terms of his own field only, that so much seems either unexplainable, mysterious, or beyond the realm of intellectual comprehension. By following such a course mankind severely limits the amount of data that reaches his own perception. He tries, therefore, to construct a model of the universe with only a handful of available clues.

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The pieces to the puzzle are at mankind’s fingertips, but he has put together an awkward, ill-fitting miniature model universe of a puzzle with which he is afraid to part. If the physical universe existed on a physical field only, indeed this would be the greatest miracle of all, for it would be impossible. The inner vitality of which we have so often spoken, and whose ways I have described, this inner vitality is the force which itself forms the physical universe, and without which no such manifestation would be possible. Yet this inner self, this inner vitality, is one of the main clues which man refuses to recognize, calling it an unreasonable assumption, but not willing to examine it for those characteristics which show it to be the most reasonable and logical of phenomena.

In other sessions I have explained precisely and in detailed fashion the steps by which this individualized vitality forms its own energy into molecules and atoms, which are the basis for further more advanced gestalts. For his refusal to pursue the examination of such forces, mankind suffers greatly the results of his own ignorance.

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Force of various kinds is also exerted by these fields upon your universe. Until it is thoroughly understood little real progress can be made. Mankind still deals with surfaces, depending mainly as he does upon the powers of the outer ego, whose purpose it is to deal only with surface reality.

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