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TES3 Session 121 January 13, 1965 5/36 (14%) telepathy intangible study elementary telepathic
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 121 January 13, 1965 9 PM Wednesday as Scheduled

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These clues could lead to proper understanding, so that it would be known that the physical body does exist in many fields of actuality, and through the study of various portions of the body many glimmerings could be received concerning the various fields of actuality themselves.

To study the human body from only the physical standpoint, or to consider it as exclusively a physical phenomenon, is to severely limit your perception of it, and of reality as a whole. To study psychology exclusively in terms of the brain’s effect upon the physical body is likewise hampering and limiting, for the brain is merely that portion of, that very small portion, of the mind which is apparent within matter. As such within your physical field the brain is subject to the laws of your field. The mind, having its existence within the scope of the physical field but independent of it, is a much more fruitful subject for study; and not of course study through means of physical instruments or of operations performed. In any case the mind cannot be found by such procedures.

The mind will be found to be closely allied with the spacious present. The mind’s capabilities, if studied, would lead man into a realization of these other fields of actuality of which I have spoken. The mind deals with intangibles, but it does not deal with unrealities. Again, the validity of an actuality is not to be determined by its appearance within matter alone. The ingredients of matter are first of all intangible ingredients, and the study of the mind and a study of the processes by which the mind creates its dream images could lead to a basic understanding of the manner in which man subconsciously produces the physical images of his own material universe.

This study alone would involve an introduction into a knowledge of other fields of actuality. Biology has made many strides, but it must finally be concerned with that intangible which is behind all organisms, and it will be forced to the initiation of an entirely new field, along the lines of basic organic psychology. It will be forced to recognize the innate ability of all cells for what we may call telepathy, for there will be no other solution in answering many questions.

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What I am trying to get across here is that, because of the superficial studies done so far, it seems that telepathy operates with separateness because of the limitations set by the ego on the definition of self. It is the similarity, or sympathy, of those in telepathic communication that makes telepathy possible. The limited idea of the self held by the ego clouds and distorts the main issue, for the ego is not conscious of the underlying bonds of sympathy that serve to merge, momentarily, the identities involved.

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