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TES3 Session 118 January 4, 1965 11/51 (22%) organism fields influences planes actuality
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 118 January 4, 1965 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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They open infrequently in the waking state. When they are clicked open, usually but not always chemically through a momentary imbalance, the physical organism itself is connected to the dream universe, as well as to your physical universe; and to some degree the physical organism can be affected through this connection.

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It is not understood that this connection exists, but metabolism is to some degree influenced by the physical organism’s dream connection. The physical organism is not only open to, but to some extent influenced by, many more areas of actuality than is supposed; and its survival is determined by a large variety of factors as yet hardly considered possible by your scientists or doctors.

This is not to say that a man has no control over the physical state of his own organism. It is to say that many more factors go into the construction and maintenance of the physical organism than you realize. Subconsciously, man manages to balance these influences, and there are physical mechanisms within the organism whose purpose it is to deal with such data.

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There are many more. It is known now that the physical organism exists as many things. It even exists as radio waves, and to creatures who cannot perceive matter but can perceive radio waves, your physical body appears quite differently than it does to you. The whole physical organism contains checks and balances of which your scientists are still not aware, and I must also mention that for all its mandy-pamby, astrology has a strong basis, although it is only one small portion of the whole story, and not indeed the whole kettle of tales.

The physical organism itself then, even as you know it, exists and moves and reacts and influences, and is influenced by, many fields or planes of actuality; and its existence as you know it in your universe is determined by and dependent upon its existence within other fields, of which man is still intellectually ignorant.

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The physical organism also has capabilities and freedoms which it uses constantly, and of which the intellect is not yet aware.

The physical organism protrudes into many fields of actuality, and is to some extent perceived within these fields, and influences those fields as they influence the physical organism. It is because you conceive of the body as existing within one field only that you have not had more success in dealing with human illness.

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The inner self, which has been called the soul, has connections through the entire physical organism, and is not concentrated in any one portion. More adjustments are made by the physical organism than you know, and when I say that it exists in many fields, I mean that it actually not only appears within them, but is a part of them in an intimate manner, that the physical organism as it is materialized within your universe is actually a coming together and merging that has its existence, and is a blending of data from many planes, that would be considered foreign by the intellect.

The physical organism as you know constantly changes, and cannot be said to be the same from one of your moments to the next. To you it appears as a solid duration. On many of the fields within which it exists it is seen as constantly flickering, as say a fire.

The overall pattern of organization in a physical sense must be maintained however, and always under the auspices of the inner self, which is not imprisoned by its construction, although like any good guardian it spends most of its time at home, in maintaining the structure.

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This has been a fruitful session, and I am pleased to find us back on schedule. You will discover that this evening’s material on the physical organism in particular will be most helpful, particularly in future sessions. We will sometime or other deal with the maintenance of the organism, and then you will need this material. I hope it explains the comparative (underline comparative) rigidity of pattern which composes the body, which allows it to maintain apparent constancy; and one of the prices it must pay for this is a stabilization of a kind that the inner self is not bound by.

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