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TES1 Session 25 February 12, 1964 13/90 (14%) duality phonograph recorder plane camera
– The Early Sessions: Book 1 of The Seth Material
– Session 25 February 12, 1964 9 PM Wednesday as Instructed

[... 18 paragraphs ...]

This designation does not include the entity as a whole, however. The personality does have access to the entity, but the personality does not contain the entity. In other words the whole self as it exists on your plane does not contain the entity, although communication between the entity and the whole self can and does take place by means of the inner senses.

[... 31 paragraphs ...]

If you will think (I hope) for simplicity’s sake of the whole self as it exists on your plane with its physical body, conscious ego and inner self as one field unit, which is also part of the larger or more complete entity as one field unit within another, then perhaps it will not be too much for you to imagine the connection, or one of the connections, between the entity field and the whole-self field, which is on your plane as being the inner senses—that is, the inner senses are one of the connectives between these two fields.

As these inner senses become more and more a part of your plane they take on more of the characteristics of your plane, and therefore more of the characteristics of the whole self on that plane.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

They are more than prehistoric. They are in some respects evolutionary developments, being the end portions of the inner senses transformed to some degree, to permit manipulation of camouflage pattern. Before the conscious ego evolved, emotion served well as necessary stimuli to action in the camouflage environment. I am trying to put over the thought here in one way or another that as the inner senses come more and more within the field of the whole self on your plane, they take on its characteristics while yet retaining within themselves their own characteristics.

[... 10 paragraphs ...]

If we must speak of layers, and with your propensity for divisions I suppose we must, beneath this you have the racial memories of the species; and contained within is all the evolutionary data. We will not go into this now since truly difficult explanations enter in as to how and why, and so forth. Evolution began on your plane to begin with.

This subconscious is another link or connective between the two fields of which we have spoken, and again, as it enters your plane it takes on the characteristics of your plane. That is why you find personal memories at the outermost portion, but the subconscious also reaches to the entity itself.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

This dual self, in fact, does not exist anywhere else as far as I know. We will go into some of the reasons for this duality again later. Tonight’s discussion is important because for the first time I have really tried to show you how the inner and outer planes or fields are connected.

They are fields within fields. In our discussion of fifth dimension, I mentioned how the vitality of the universe changes in different planes while it actually makes up the planes at the same time. In this manner also the so-called whole self and entity are connected, in this case by many diverse patterns, the inner senses being composed of the same elements of which the entity itself is composed.

The planes therefore meet in a very real fashion. They are basically part of each other and yet because of certain very real laws, they would seem to be at different ends, so that the appearance on your plane seems oftentimes to be one of opposites.

The present personality cannot travel to the complete entity, again because of these very real laws; that is, while caught in or under the influence of the field of your plane, the personality cannot travel to the entity. The personality can and should be aware of the whole self of which it is a part, and that part of the whole self which the ego ignores, is the one part which can enter into the field influence of the entity, though it cannot travel to the entity itself.

I have avoided in the past going into the event of death, as you know it on your plane. However I will begin a discussion now, although we will not get far with it this evening. I did not go into it earlier because I wanted to give you the field material first.

Death is the personality’s release from the physical plane, or we will use the term “the physical field,” and that is all. To the ego this is a frightening future in prospect. To the ego, even sleep seems a slap in the face. Recognition in physical life of the whole self would do much to negate this death fear, since there are rather pleasant psychological experiences which are akin to the experience of death, and which would prepare the personality for this eventuality.

It is only the sense of duality, of which we have spoken, that makes death appear as such a dreadful thing. Once the personality realizes that even in life on your plane he is not always bound by physical data, and that even in physical life the most real portion of him is independent of physical matter, and in a personal way, then he will not fear death as a personal ending.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

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