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ECS4 ESP Class Session January 11, 1972 chant Valerie reclaim Sumari anymore

There are methods that you barely understand by which you give your bodies vitality and strength. There are ways and methods by which you daily send forth your image out into the universe. There are ways and methods by which you form each organism within you and those organisms that you perceive as outside of you. Hopefully you will reclaim these methods consciously and use them. This is the endeavor that we are presently engaged in. It will lead us into the heart of perception as you understand it and as you do not, as yet, understand it. It will lead you into the understanding that your hopes, as you think of them in the present, exist not only in what you think of as the present, but in the past and future as well. That you form the universe as you know it en masse and individually from the focal point of this moment, from the focus of this moment that all of your selves exist now and are not done and finished anymore than you are done and finished. (Very loudly) And anymore than I am done and finished. Anymore than my reality is no more than it appears to you in this room, for your reality is far more than it seems to be to you as you sit within this room. En masse and individually, as you know, you form the room, the funiture, the time, the setting in which it now seems to you, you exist. It seems to you that there is no other existence for you personally but this room and this time and this moment and yet, of course, you create it. You create the selves, who in turn create the images that you know. Within you this knowledge is apparent and speaks to you if  you would listen. You think that there is something very esoteric, mysterious and strange often in what I say and there is not.  What I say is as intimate to you as your own breath is if you would but feel your breath. If you would but once give up the defenses that you have set between what you think of as your intellect and what you think of as the rest of the self.

Now your are barely beginning. At one time, bear with me, (long pause) there was what we may call a federation of consciousness, though that is not the best term. But consciously a group of people upon this earth managed to remember old truths. They remembered that they formed physicial reality from the vitality of their own thoughts and fellings and images. They knew how to do this consciously. They knew how to speak the body. They knew how to speak the wind. They knew how to send their thoughts and feelings out into a universe and to make the kind of universe that they wanted. Many times the knowledge has been forgotten and many times it has  been reclaimed and so hopefully you will reclaim it once again.

Now the sounds and the chanting of the Sumari as you presently understand it, has many purpose. There are physical repercussions in your own bodies that occur if you would but listen to your bodies and feel them when the songs go on, for there is language beneath words. Meanings in sounds that your atoms and molecules understand and react to and dance to and combinations that are there for you to open individually.

SS Part One: Chapter 4: Session 521, March 30, 1970 actor play multidimensional production role

You are so focused in your roles, however; so intrigued by the reality that you have created, so entranced by the problems, challenges, hopes, and sorrows of your particular roles that you have forgotten they are of your own creation. This intensely moving drama, with all its joys and tragedies, can be compared with your present life, your present environment, both individually and en masse.

Your own environment includes far more than you may have supposed. [...] You create the props, the settings, the themes; in fact you write, produce, and act in the entire production — you and every other individual who takes part.

In each play, both individually and en masse, different problems are set up. [...]

ECS1 ESP Class Session, April 22, 1969 bacon discipline bees demand Dean

Each of you individually creates the reality that you know—and en masse, altogether, you create the reality of your world and your universe. [...]

[...] For if you hate, you create a hateful reality. And to the extent that you hate, you find reality hateful. To the extent that you fear, you create a fearful reality. To the extent that you love, you create a lovely reality. To the extent that you create, you create a reality full of creativity—and this is my message. [...]

You create your own physical reality! [...]

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 12: Session 648, March 14, 1973 geese animals instinctive disease beasts

[...] As a rule these ideas represent your parents’ conceptions of natural guilt, distorted by their own beliefs. (See the 619th session in Chapter Four, as well as the first session in this chapter.) You accepted those ideas for a reason, individually and en masse, for mankind at any given “time” has a strong idea of the particular sort of world experience it will create.

In order for consciousness to develop in your terms, there must be freedom for the exploration of all ideas individually and en masse. Each of you are living entities, growing toward your own development. Each of your beliefs, therefore, has its own unique origin and feeling patterns, so you must for yourself travel back through your beliefs and your own feelings until intellectually and emotionally you realize your rightness, your completely original existence in time and space as you know it.

In their own ways, the animals are quite aware of this fact. Some of them even bring themselves to their own destruction through what you would call suicide, and en masse. At that level the animals understand, and are always in touch with deep biological connections in which they know their own continuances within the chain of nature.

TES9 Session 491 July 2, 1969 race system abrupt clay violent

The only way to avoid facing the problem you see was to limit the amount of free energy allotted to the individual, and available en masse. [...] Those in your own system are more venturesome, more daring. [...] Generally speaking then, individual entities choose the system which suits their personalities and general leanings. Your system presents a rather abrupt, explosive entrance into largely organized consciousness, but on an individual basis.

Quite frankly, your earth is expendable, for it will be created again as often as it is needed. [...] But understand (smile) that others are forming their own clay of realities simultaneously. If they do not like what they have created often they throw it away; but always with the idea of learning from their errors, and forming another from the knowledge they have gained.

[...] Their meanings unfold as your own development does. [...] You cannot step out of existence or reality even if you try.

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 14: Session 655, April 11, 1973 neuronal Thirteen options athlete cobweb

All of this may seem to have little to do with your daily personal experience, and yet it is intimately connected, for personally and en masse you can indeed create “the best” of all possible worlds.

You would have an individual who displayed within himself [or herself] all of those great abilities known to the race, fulfilled according to his own unique temper — the artist, mathematician, athlete, the inventor — all the extraordinary qualities of creaturedom; the emotional realities would be used to their capacity, and any of the racial qualities or characteristics of the species would be given their complete freedom.

[...] In each individual case the options will be different, of course, yet you can draw into your present life some knowledge and intimate connection with your own probable realities.

DEaVF1 Chapter 3: Session 891, December 26, 1979 probabilities resolutions fairy versions peripheral

[...] This applies to the individual, and of course en masse the same applies to world events. Each action seeks all of its own possible fulfillments. [...]

[...] Because mass events are concerned there is not a completely different year, of course, for each individual on the face of the planet—but there are literally an endless number of mass-shared worlds of 1980 “in the wings,” so to speak.

In the most basic of terms, as 1980 happens the energy that comes into your universe is as new as if (in your terms) the world were created yesterday—a point that will be rather difficult to explain. All of the probable versions of 1980 spin off their own probable pasts as well as their own probable futures, and any consciousness that exists in 1980 was (again in those terms) a part of what you think of as the beginning of the world.

DEaVF2 Chapter 8: Session 916, May 14, 1980 cu units ee genetic repetition

[...] All of Jane’s books, as well as my own notes for her Seth books, obviously contain repetitious material, and/or material based upon variations of certain basic concepts. [...] Individually and en masse, and to the extent that our human systems of perception make it possible, our species has created a world and universe built upon a very limited, repetitious creation and interpretation of internal and external data. We could hardly survive without our particular communicative repetition, nor could any other species without its own.

[...] (Long pause.) Your position on the scale of awareness inclines you to categorize consciousnesses so that only your own familiar brand seems to fit the definition—so again here I remind you that consciousness is everywhere in the deepest terms, because All That Is disperses itself throughout physical reality. All portions of that reality have their own rights to existence, and purposes within it. [...]

[...] In the Preliminary Notes for the session I wrote that Seth had finished dictating Mass Events a month ago [in the 873rd session for August 15, to be exact], and that a week later I began finishing my own notes for the book. [...] [And wouldn’t you know it, I told Jane: My last paragraph for Mass Events is about the biannual migratory flights of the geese.]

SS Part Two: Chapter 17: Session 570, March 1, 1971 stages Speakers layers undifferentiated sleep

[...] These other stages of consciousness create their own realities as you create your own. The realities are, therefore, byproducts of consciousness itself. [...] If you probe into these realms you will be forced to perceive them with the root assumptions of your own system, translating feelings of warmth and comfort, for example, into images of warm shelters or buildings, or feelings of fear into images of demons.

[...] In the most protected areas of sleep, the apparent barriers between many layers of reality vanish. You are aware, for example, of some probable realities. [...] You do this individually, but you also do it en masse on national and global levels.

[...] The dimensions of it can only be sensed by those determined enough to take the time and effort required to journey through their own subjective realities. Yet intuitively each individual knows that a part of his experience escapes from him all the time. [...]

NoME Part Three: Chapter 7: Session 852, May 9, 1979 Hitler Aryan Germany Jews grandiose

Hitler preached on the great value of social action as opposed to individual action. He turned children into informers against their own parents. [...] You do each create your own reality, however (intently), and en masse you create the realities of your nationalities and your countries — so at that time the Germans saw themselves as victors, and the Jews saw themselves as victims.

(Pause at 10:00.) Both reacted as groups, rather than as individuals, generally speaking now. [...] It was because Hitler was so convinced of the existence of evil in the individual psyche, that he set up all of his rules and regulations to build up and preserve “Aryan purity.” The Jews’ idea was also a dark one, in which their own rules and regulations were set to preserve the soul’s purity against the forces of evil. [...]

You must realize that fanatics always deal with grandiose ideals, while at the same time they believe in man’s sinful nature, and the individual’s lack of power. [...] Since they do not believe that the individual is ever effective, their groups are not assemblies of private individuals come reasonably together, pooling individual resources. They are instead congregations of people who are afraid to assert their individuality, who hope to find it in the group, or hope to establish a joint individuality — and that is an impossibility (emphatically).

UR1 Appendix 11: (For Session 698) Wonderworks intersection chameleon objectification levels

[...] It is the … creative product, en masse, of our individual and joint dreams … Our world is a dream level for some other types of consciousness; it’s shared to some extent, then, and can serve as a meeting point.

[...] The following excerpts from her paper show the unity that underlies her daily activities; for she thinks that her own dream experiences, “Unknown” Reality, and The Wonderworks — to use a set of recent examples — are so interrelated that practically speaking it would be futile to try to separate them.

“Creative expression, from its intuitional spark to objectification, mirrors in our private realities the way the universe was [and is] constantly created.

NoME Part One: Chapter 2: Session 805, May 16, 1977 cancer disease mastectomies breast women

[...] En masse, your private beliefs form your cultural reality. Your society is not a thing in itself apart from you, but the result of the individual beliefs of each person in it. [...]

[...] Individually and en masse, diseases and conditions result that are meant to lead you into other realizations.

[...] Unfortunately, many of your public health programs, and commercial statements through the various media, provide you with mass meditations of a most deplorable kind. I refer to those in which the specific symptoms of various diseases are given, in which the individual is further told to examine the body with those symptoms in mind. I also refer to those statements that just as unfortunately specify diseases for which the individual may experience no symptoms of an observable kind, but is cautioned that these disastrous physical events may be happening despite his or her feelings of good health. Here the generalized fears fostered by religious, scientific, and cultural beliefs are often given as blueprints of diseases in which a person can find a specific focus — the individual can say: “Of course, I feel listless, or panicky, or unsafe since I have such-and-such a disease.”

NoME Part Two: Chapter 5: Session 831, January 15, 1979 copyedited Tam Sue medieval private

[...] If you believe that you do indeed form your own reality, then you instantly come up against a whole new group of questions. If you actually construct your own experience, individually and en masse, why does so much of it seem negative? You create your own reality, or it is created for you. [...]

(Then in May 1978 Sue Watkins began helping me by typing the final manuscript for the session notes for Volume 2 of “Unknown” Reality. [...] Late that month — unbelievably to me — I finished my own work on Volume 2 of “Unknown” Reality, and immediately began to type the final draft of the sessions; as I finished groups of sessions I mailed them to Tam every few days, while at the same time collaborating with Jane on the table of contents for the book. [...] Jane finished typing her manuscript for Seven Two on October 3, and I helped her correct that book for mailing on October 9. My own mailings for Volume 2 continued until the 21st of the month, when at last that very long project was completed and out of the house in its entirety for the first time. [...]

(Jane’s poem can also serve as a symbol to show that she hasn’t held a session for Mass Events for 42 weeks, or since giving the 830th session last March; indeed, the summer, fall, and winter of 1978 have passed, and we’re into the next year [and a very cold and stormy one it is, so far]. [...] Those sessions, whether private or not, are of course more than double in number the 22 sessions Jane has given for Mass Events [not counting tonight’s]. [...] I’ll continue our chronology here, then, by describing many of our professional activities since last March, and follow it with Jane’s own account of at least some of the reasons for the long interruption in book work.

ECS3 ESP Class Session, March 23, 1971 Alpha acquiescence molecules atoms Unhinge

You direct, not only your own individual energy, but en masse, the energy of the world that you know. [...] The leaders that will appear to you tomorrow are known to you beforehand in your dreams, and when you recognize them in physical reality there should, indeed, be a great sense of familiarity for already you know them well. [...]

There is no mass truth. There is only individually recognized and acknowledged and experienced truth. [...] It is a bread created by each, perceived by each. Your thoughts and feelings created not only this reality, but all reality. [...]

Now you are dealing with methods that have been known through the ages and other civilizations than your own have learned them, some have mastered them. You will not progress individually or as a race until you realize that you form your own physical reality from your thoughts and feelings, and that you can manipulate matter through you mind because your mind creates it. [...]

SS Part Two: Chapter 21: Session 587, July 28, 1971 Hebrews god dramas Mohammedanism religion

[...] Any attempt to so rigorously and precisely express inner reality is bound to be abortive, highly misleading, and in your terms sometimes dangerous; for you do create your own reality and live it according to your inner beliefs. [...]

The journeys of the gods, therefore, represent the journeys of man’s own consciousness projected outward. [...] Its consciousness, and its reality, is within each man, and within the gods he has created. [...]

Such religious dramas focus, direct, and, hopefully, clarify aspects of inner reality that need to be physically represented. (Long pause, eyes closed.) These do not only appear within your own system. Many are also projected into other systems of reality. Religion per se, however, is always the external facade of inner reality. [...]

SS Part One: Chapter 3: Session 520, March 25, 1970 permanent form environment constant thought

[...] You do not realize that you create your larger environment and the physical world as you know it by propelling your thoughts and emotions into matter — a breakthrough into three-dimensional life. The inner self, therefore, individually and en masse, sends its psychic energy out, forming tentacles that coalesce into form.

There is communication between these other realities and your own in your dream states, and a constant interaction between both systems. If there is any point where your own consciousness seems to elude you or escape you, or if there is any point where your consciousness seems to end, then these are the points where you have yourselves set up psychological and psychic barriers, and these are precisely those areas that you should explore. [...]

(9:23.) Each emotion and thought has its own electromagnetic reality, completely unique. [...]

UR1 Section 3: Session 703 June 12, 1974 blueprints dynamics Section physician frequencies

The bulk of the material in Personal Reality concerns the nature of beliefs, and the physical and mental environments that are created, both individually and en masse, as a result of those beliefs. [...]

[...] There is, therefore, a quite valid, vital, real and vastly creative inner reality, and an inward sequence of events from which your present universe and life emerges. Any true scientist will ultimately have to learn to enter that realm of reality. [...] You are left with “workable facts” that help you manipulate in your own backyard, but such facts become prejudice when you try to venture beyond your own cosmic neighborhood and find that your preconceived, native ideas do not apply outside of their context.

Your closest point to the withinness of which I speak is your own consciousness, though you use it as a tool to examine the exterior universe. But it is basically free of that reality, not confined to the life-and-death saga, and at other levels deals with the blueprints for its own physical existence.

TSM Chapter Eighteen thread agony God gestalt yearning

[...] Within you there are blueprints; you know what you are to achieve as individuals and as people, as a race, as a species. [...] Now: Using your free will, you have made physical reality something quite different than what was intended. [...] You were to work out problems and challenges, but you were always to be aware of your own inner reality, and of your nonphysical existence. [...] You have focused so strongly upon physical reality that it becomes the only reality that you know.

“The motivating force is still All That Is, but individuality is no illusion. Now in the same way do you give freedom to the personality fragments within your own dreams and for the same reason. And you create for the same reason, and within each of you is the memory of that primal agony—that urge to create and free all probable consciousness into actuality.

“The agony and the desire to create represented Its proof of Its own reality. [...]

NotP Chapter 7: Session 780, June 22, 1976 language implies psyche identity Cézanne

[...] In very important terms this is quite a legitimate feeling, for no one else can experience the world from any other viewpoint except from his or her own, or affect it except through private action. En masse, that individual action obviously causes world events.

[...] It is somewhat more difficult for you to understand the ways in which your own actions and those of others combine to bring about world events. On the one hand, each of my readers is but one individual alive on the planet at any given “time.” It may seem that the individual has little power. On the other hand, each individual alive is a necessary one. [...] That is, each of your actions is so important, contributing to the experience of others whom you do not know, that each individual is like a center about which the world revolves.

[...] At still other levels of reality, activities that you now consciously claim as your own have — in those same terms and from another viewpoint — become unconscious, providing a psychic history from which other identities emerge, as it seems that your own identities emerge from unconscious bodily activity.

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 18: Session 665, May 23, 1973 flood riots catastrophes region local

Culturally the region did not have its own identity, though it has always striven for some kind of characteristic expression. [...] The people had individual dreams and hopes, and en masse these represented a regional vision of improvement at many levels. [...]

[...] Each individual involved had his or her own reasons for participating, and through the mass-created framework, worked out private purposes and dilemmas.

[...] You will react individually with your own purposes in mind. Your own unique and highly private beliefs help bring about the overall emotional condition. The pool of emotional energy into which your emotions flow is still composed of unalike charges, but generally speaking, the individual contribution of all those participating will fall into a coherent pattern that gives impetus and direction to the storm, providing the charge and the power behind it.

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