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TPS3 Deleted Session February 19, 1975 Foster house hill privacy formality

It will automatically tempt him to walk about. The two levels of the house are good. The stairs will be a part of living. There is privacy, but it is tempered by the open air of the hill, yet still the distance is maintained that is necessary for each of you. It is not claustrophobic privacy.

More than that, however, as far as you are both personally concerned, you have a built-in sense of distance that gives the house actually an extra dimension of privacy that is not within the grounds themselves, yet adds to that aura. The house is set itself atop its own knoll, which to Ruburt at least gives a fortress feeling, in that he can look down and see who is coming.

The private-type yards, the house on its own knoll, say clearly “We are not neighborhood barbecue people.” There is not an easy access from house to house. People who relate in a cozy, more or less openhearted way with their neighbors like adjoining patios. They may put up a screen for privacy, but all in all they prefer more or less constant neighborly give-and-take.

WTH Part One: Chapter 6: May 2, 1984 sonnet privacy priest hypnosis ager

(Jane finally became quite angry and vexed, and burst out talking about the lack of privacy in 330 today. This was all part of our free-association material today, May 2. She vehemently expressed her feelings, with tears, that if she wanted privacy, being in the hospital wasn’t the way to get it. She’d always wanted privacy, she added. “It’s pretty dumb, because I sure as hell don’t get any privacy this way,” she exclaimed — and I thought she was clearing a road, as Seth had suggested last session.

UR2 Section 6: Session 738 February 19, 1975 hill Foster house Avenue privacy

[...] You both do need privacy for your work and because of your natures, but this does not mean that you should try to find a place with no [distractions] within miles. It does mean that you settle for a reasonable amount of privacy, in that you do not carry the idea to extremes.

The Foster house represents many things, and though it is not on a hill it stands for your feelings of secrecy and privacy. [...] The hill house has some privacy. [...]

[...] It provides privacy yet openness. [...]

TPS4 Deleted Session September 12, 1977 Turkish outlaws monks leaders sword

[...] You both also had from other existences strong drives toward privacy and secrecy. The television program you saw about monasteries and privacy to some extent applies here, for in the hurly-burly of medieval life there was no privacy for thought.

In some ways the monks and the outlaws had much in common: a desire for privacy, a bent for independence, an unconventional curiosity, and yet a need for some kind of communal existence, for there was no technology to support such people.

[...] Some of those experiences led you both to desire a certain privacy while remaining in the midst of a community, and here again Ruburt’s condition came into service, giving you a built-in reason for not going out into the world.

TES2 Session 65 June 28, 1964 land acre purchase house intimacy

You need privacy, and I am concerned. Privacy will actually help you deal with the outside world in a more efficient manner, that will enable you to receive benefits from the outside world because of a more relaxed attitude toward it.

[...] The house offered privacy but seemed to raise as many questions as it answered, one of them being that it was situated on a hillside and was accessible only by a very steep dirt road that was not maintained by either state or county.

Your reluctance to buy a home with actually adequate privacy but without large acreage stems from a sort of self spite. [...]

TPS3 Session 741 (Deleted Portion) April 21, 1975 unlisted input mail fresh phone

[...] (Long pause.) You will have to protect your privacy, simply because you are the kind of people you are. [...]

TPS3 Deleted Session January 30, 1974 sportsman contribution financial specialized painting

Your father’s creativity, as mentioned (in other sessions), before, had its side of secrecy, privacy and aloneness. [...]

[...] The old framework was so restrictive that your ideas of secrecy, protection and privacy made you want to protect yourself to such a degree that you did not want your paintings to sell, to share them with others. [...]

[...] For Ruburt, dancing, his one inclination to flaunt himself, comes into direct conflict with your ideas of privacy and secrecy. [...]

UR2 Section 6: Session 739 February 24, 1975 hill house trees neighborhood fireplace

[...] The area has brought together diverse kinds of people, united by love of nature, some airy spaces, and some privacy … The people are also achievers of one kind or another, and while [your goals may be different] you appreciate the fact that they are trying to do something with their lives. [...]

[...] They have only met them at receptions (with amusement). They have an almost childlike wonder and curiosity about such matters, and will actually give you as much privacy as you want.

The hill property represents a certain kind of security, then — financial, spiritual, and artistic — but an open security, in which there is relative privacy without an overemphasis upon secrecy, which is something different.

TPS6 Jane’s Notes February 17, 1981 auctions messages public volatile responsible

[...] This offends your sense of privacy while reading poetry to others does not. [...]

TPS2 Deleted Session December 13, 1972 move resentment dwelling tenants money

The two apartments helped, but in a way there is less privacy because of the public hall, you see. [...]

[...] The feelings of privacy you enjoy, yet the need also for some neighborly encounters that you also require. [...]

[...] At one time Ruburt could walk in the yard, you see, in privacy. [...]

TPS3 Session 707 July 1, 1974 Tam warmest salesmen Willy injured

[...] He likes privacy as well as you do. [...]

TES1 Session 27 February 19, 1964 inferiority unjustified Joseph winter explosions

[...] Ruburt has a basic though well-disguised need for privacy, as you do Joseph, though your need is not disguised. This is a need for privacy from the outside world that I speak of.

[...] Many of his Florida contortions had to do with a simple need, basic for him, having to do with space, orderliness and privacy. [...]

[...] I will tell you the reasons later, but regardless of his flamboyance and seeming disregard, he needs space division of certain activities, and privacy from the outside world. [...]

WTH Part Two: Chapter 13: June 21, 1984 tirade sirens batch sanity unopened

[...] There may be further complications, in which the person insists that phones were bugged, letters opened, and privacy was constantly invaded.

TPS6 Deleted Session July 23, 1981 granary Debbie bookstore July gifts

(8:32; eventually a one-minute pause.) The symptoms have served to “allow you” a certain privacy, A certain detachment from the world, while at the same time providing a way of relating to others, of sharing life’s misfortunes so that it might not be said, for example, that as artists or people you lived in an ivory tower, untouched by life’s usual dilemmas. [...]

Making a portion of the nighttime hours available in one way or another at least occasionally is also another way of breaking up habitual reactions, and of assuring a certain kind of privacy, using a completely different method entirely. [...]

WTH Part One: Chapter 7: May 14, 1984 parents sports children shame bodily

[...] Each child should be told that his body, or her body, is a precious private possession, however, so that it is easy to build up a desirable feeling of bodily privacy, without any hint of shame or guilt.

TPS3 Session 728 (Deleted Portion) January 8, 1975 authority unhappy economic hump bolstering

[...] In the future you may need some kind of organization, but you must preserve your privacy.

UR1 Appendix 2: (For Session 680) sportsman sports limber unpredictable chose

Your father’s creativity, as mentioned [in earlier, unpublished sessions] had its side of secrecy, privacy and aloneness … you identified creatively with his private nature. [...]

WTH Epilogue by Robert F. Butts epilogue unfinished Yale eulogy gravesite

[...] Boxes and boxes of letters are now at Yale University Library, where their privacy is protected. [...]

TES6 Session 247 April 2, 1966 Marian tumor shrink ovarian Spaziani

[...] The living room can be closed off by old-fashioned glass doors, so we closed those and had relative privacy even though the children passed back and forth on the other side. [...]

TPS7 Deleted Session December 22, 1983 spasms surmised legs houseboat Margaret

(I had no calls or disturbances of any kind this morning, and greatly enjoyed the privacy. [...]

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