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UR2 Section 6: Session 739 February 24, 1975 4/40 (10%) hill house trees neighborhood fireplace
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Section 6: Reincarnation and Counterparts: The “Past” Seen Through the Mosaics of Consciousness
– Session 739: Neighborhoods and Probabilities. The Healing Aspects of Fireplaces
– Session 739 February 24, 1975 9:25 P.M. Monday

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The hill house neighborhood is composed of a rather beneficial balance: No particular family of consciousness predominates. Instead, a love of woods and trees transcends such classifications. The area has brought together diverse kinds of people, united by love of nature, some airy spaces, and some privacy … The people are also achievers of one kind or another, and while [your goals may be different] you appreciate the fact that they are trying to do something with their lives. Many are aware of their limitations. Many dabble in the arts.

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Now you think of dogs as friends of man, and you personify gods in human terms. You think of them sometimes as guardians. In those terms, now, trees are also guardians. They are attached to the people they know. You cannot put a leash on them and walk them around the block, yet trees form a protective barrier about, say, a home or a neighborhood. They are actively concerned. They have personalities — certainly to the same extent that dogs do, yet of an entirely different nature. They respond to you. The trees in that (hill house) neighborhood then are particularly friendly, strong, and protective, and they will help renew your energies.

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So, I said to Jane, not only are we stirring things up by moving out of the apartment house, but we’re entering a situation where we will be staying put while others move away. Obvious, but intriguing: We’ll be joining the present residents of the hill neighborhood in forming a newer psychic and psychological entity than the one that existed before we arrived. Yet the full picture of our moving should include not only the myriad probabilities growing out of our own actions, but all of the probable developments involving that house next door: Whatever happenings take place there — which we’ll help create — are bound to have their effects upon us.

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(We’ve also discovered that several other professional people who live near the hill house maintain offices in the old near-downtown neighborhood surrounding the apartment house.)

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