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UR2 Section 6: Session 736 February 5, 1975 9/51 (18%) Milumet Zuli Sumari Foster family
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Section 6: Reincarnation and Counterparts: The “Past” Seen Through the Mosaics of Consciousness
– Session 736: Characteristics of the Various Families of Consciousness
– Session 736 February 5, 1975 9:24 P.M. Wednesday

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Dictation: House information later if you want it. There is a tie-in here with Sumari characteristics.

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Dictation: Generally, the Sumari have the capacity to reach out emotionally to others and empathize. To some extent this feeling for humanity often serves as an impetus for creative work. Many of them also have a mystical sense of connection with nature. At the same time they can be relative isolationists, wanting to work in solitude.1

Various kinds of seemingly contradictory characteristics may appear, then. One Sumari may have many deeply rewarding personal relationships. Another might find friends a distraction. One Sumari might enjoy performing in front of an audience, while another might not even be able to bear the thought. Since each person is unique, the various Sumari characteristics will then appear quite differently. Some live in cities, basking in the emotional nearness of others, content with a few flowerpots for a reminder of nature’s beauty. Another might have a farm. In most cases, however, the slant of consciousness is primarily creative. Period.

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The next group (Sumafi) deals primarily with teaching. Again, the relationship with others is good, generally speaking. They may be gifted in any field, but their primary interest will be in passing on their knowledge or that of others. They are usually traditionalists, therefore, although they may be brilliant. In a way they are equally related to the family just mentioned (Gramada), and to the Sumari, for they stand between the organized system and the creative artist. They transmit “originality” without altering it, however, through the social structures.

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In the Middle Ages they faithfully copied manuscripts. They are custodians in a way. Again, there are infinite variations. Many music or art teachers belong in that category, where the arts are taught with a love of excellence, a stress upon technique — into which the artist, who is often a Sumari (although not always, by any means) can put his or her creativity. Period.

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(She did remember that Milumet represented many mystics, then added rather humorously that she didn’t think the name fit the activity — she thought Zuli a much better mystical appellation. All of this, of course, while Jane herself is a Sumari mystic.3 But some mystical differences began to emerge when Seth resumed dictation at 10:40.)

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To some extent they serve as physical models. The vitality of creaturehood is demonstrated through the beauty, speed, elegance, and performance of the body itself. To some extent these people are perfectionists, and in their activities there are always hints of “super” achievement, as if even physically the species tries to go beyond itself. The members of this family actually serve to point out the unrealized capacity of the flesh — even as, for example, great Sumari artists might give clues as to the artistic abilities inherent, but not used, in the species as a whole. The members of this group deal, then, in performance. They are physical doers. They are also lovers of beauty as it is corporally expressed.

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(Here’s one point brought out in that deleted material: Since Seth had told Jane and me long ago that the three of us belong to the Sumari family of consciousness,4 we were more than curious now when he declared that the woman who presently owns the house on Foster Street is also a Sumari: “[She] added Sumari characteristics of expansiveness.” But to go a step further: According to Seth the house’s previous owner for many years, a male now deceased, had also been Sumari. It’s quite intriguing to watch such psychic and physical connections unfold.

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1. Naturally, Seth’s material here began to sound very reminiscent of Jane’s and my own Sumari characteristics — especially those concerning the “mystical sense of connection with nature” that each of us feels, and our individual desires “to work in solitude.”

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