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TES3 Session 135 February 24, 1965 12/56 (21%) electrical distance intensities Callahan Mark
– The Early Sessions: Book 3 of The Seth Material
– Session 135 February 24, 1965 9 PM Wednesday as Scheduled

[... 13 paragraphs ...]

I have said that the electrical universe is, again, a materialization of a sort of inner vitality, of which everything is composed. This vitality has a reality independently of any and all such materializations, which brings us to a most interesting point.

It is most difficult for you to contemplate the existence of that which is independent of its own materialization. This vitality fills all other forms while it is itself, in your terms, formless. But our discussions concerning the electrical universe should have led you into intangibles.

It should be easier now for you to understand this vitality, since we have already spoken in terms of reality existing by means of intensities. You will recall that I spoke of distances in terms of action, and that these distances occurred not in a perceivable framework of the sort with which you are familiar, but that I spoke of distance that had its reality in terms of the varying intensities within any given electrical actuality.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Therefore, traveling through such distance would involve travel through the electrical intensities that go into the existence of any given action as it electrically occurs. This idea of action within action, of distance and movement within action, is a fairly new one in our sessions.

No electrical reality is composed of simply one impulse. Although we must speak in these terms for simplicity’s sake, every electrical impulse is of itself composed of a truly endless variety and range of intensities. In other words, each electrical impulse contains within it its own infinity of variations.

It is difficult here to do more than simply give you the statement. If you will, at your leisure, consider the makeup of your own dreams, you may partially and intuitively understand what I mean, for the distance in dreams is endless, though you may go but a little way; yet this distance as we have said, does not take up space. This comes close to evoking an understanding of distance as it occurs electrically, existing within an action.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

No action basically is ever completed. This statement will later lead us into further realms. All possibilities are open to an action, an electrical action. And again, within it are an infinity of variations and depths of intensities, which give it a reality in many dimensions simultaneously. Where strong intensities are felt, then the actuality will be said to project within the field of reality which falls within the range of that particular intensity group.

Such electrical realities then, through the strength of their intensities and their particular range, are projected into some fields, but not projected into others. Any so-called travel through time involves then a traveling through such intensities. This is obviously impossible for the physical camouflaged self, but it is not impossible for the inner self, which as you know has its own electrical reality, which is again composed of particular impulses and intensities.

All depth, all dimension and all distance is therein contained within the electrical universe. There is here, as I have said, no such thing as size in your terms, or shape in your terms; but there is, again, distance, which is not absolute but varying, and which can be said to exist both backward and forward indefinitely within the infinite intensities. And all reality within any given field basically occurs within such intensities.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Again, by looking where nothing seems to be, you will find much. And by exploring that which you cannot touch, you will discover that which is even closer to you than touch, for the outer sense of touch is one of the most close counterparts of direct experience that you have. And it contains dimensions and gradations and varieties that cannot be recorded by scientific instruments, and this comes near in its own way to the infinite varieties present within one electrical action.

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

I show to you those facets of my personality with which you can attune yourselves most readily. I am indeed here, and with you more than you realize. For you see, your experience of me now exists in electrically coded data within your own systems. I am myself. I still exist, however, in electrically coded data within, or about, yourself; as I have explained that all individual experience is so electrically coded and retained.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

During our next session we will go more deeply into those pyramid gestalts of which we have spoken in the past, and perhaps consider from another viewpoint entirely the scope and nature that make up the idea of gods. Within certain frameworks these pyramid gestalts do have an electrical reality, but their existence goes beyond not the range but the nature of electrical reality. And because of the strength of their intensity, they are projected within every other field of actuality that exists.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

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