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TES1 Session 28 February 24, 1964 6/95 (6%) Miss Callahan entity psychiatrist plane
– The Early Sessions: Book 1 of The Seth Material
– Session 28 February 24, 1964 9 PM Monday as Instructed

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(It will also be remembered that we did not hold our regularly scheduled 26th session, due February 17, 1964, because of Miss Callahan’s being taken ill, and finally going to the hospital.

(On July 29/63, Jane had a very vivid dream, in color, involving Miss Callahan. In the dream, Jane saw Miss C in a hospital; Miss C was very thin, and dressed in black. She had been crying, and tried to tell Jane something to the effect that she, Miss C, was going away. She was very unhappy and sad. In this hospital where Miss C was, things were also being sold.

(The next day, Jane visited Miss Callahan, to ask for the use of her telephone since our television set was not working, and we needed the help of a repairman. Jane had not seen Miss C for a month. Jane was very surprised when Miss C, apparently quite upset, told her that she had just learned from her doctor that she needed operations on both of her eyes, for the removal of cataracts. But Miss C had to wait for some weeks or months yet, until the cataracts progressed to a certain point before the operations could be done. Miss C then asked Jane if she would bring in the mail, etc., while she was in the hospital.

(Jane mentioned her dream to Miss Callahan, but she did not tell Miss C she had seen her crying, or dressed in black. In her notes on the dream, Jane wrote that she hoped the black did not symbolize death for Miss C. Jane was quite relieved to learn that while Miss C did have to go to the hospital, it was for a more or less routine operation, and nothing more serious.

(Tonight, February 26, 1964, we visited Miss Callahan at the hospital, and were disappointed to see that her condition had worsened considerably since her admittance last week. In fact, she did not appear to know us, or her relatives who were also there. She had gotten out of bed by herself earlier in the week and had taken a bad fall; there was a bandage on her right temple and her left elbow because of this. When we saw her tonight she was tied in bed to prevent her from hurting herself again this way. When she did rouse herself, she talked of coming home tomorrow.

(There was no way for us to help Miss Callahan, so we left the hospital at about 8:00 PM, to prepare for tonight’s session. While we were with Miss C, however, Jane received a flash from Seth that was quite disturbing to her.

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