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TES5 Session 219 January 3, 1966 5/110 (5%) Lorraine Bunn test box Mansfield
– The Early Sessions: Book 5 of The Seth Material
– Session 219 January 3, 1966 9 PM Monday as Scheduled

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(It seems reasonable to describe a stay in the hospital as “a turbulent event, or unpleasantness,” and as “A disturbance again, and a storm; whether or not this storm is physical I do not know.” We of course realize there might be other connections in the private life of the patient, Miss Margaret M. Bunn. Lorraine does not know Miss Bunn. It is possible the hospital records contain more on Miss Bunn that would be revealing here, but I did not ask Lorraine to try to check.

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(“Blue saucer” rings no bells, or “winter,” or “an event I believe occurring approximately 1947.” “An event of 1965” can apply, since Miss Bunn was admitted to the hospital on June 7,1965.

(“A miscellany of objects, designs that appear like numbers,” is we think a reference to the words and numbers on the pass. “A connection with a family record; as a page, for example, from a book,” is a hit. The visitor’s pass contains a number code referring to Miss Bunn’s hospital record, Lorraine tells us; and the pass is like a page from a book, in that such passes are kept in spiral books at the hospital.

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(The numbers “Four seven” are on the pass, and also “four numbers, I believe in a row,” if you want to isolate this many from longer groups. On the last line of the data on Miss Bunn some numbers are barely legible; we can see the impression of four numbers in a row here also.

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(I would like to add a curious note. Note that Miss Bunn lives on Wellsboro St. in Mansfield, PA. Mansfield is a college town about seventy miles distant. I was born there. In addition, my father was born in Wellsboro PA., a small town perhaps twenty miles beyond Mansfield. As far as I know Lorraine Shafer doesn’t know of my family connections with Mansfield and Wellsboro. She also told us she merely picked the test object out of a group, without paying particular attention to it.

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