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TPS7 Deleted Session November 2, 1983 stone grunting spot Honey minerals

(I got there at 1:10 after leaving the car at Acuto’s Pontiac to get the gearshift fixed. Jane was doing well on her side, and as I turned her. She’d had a large HVI last night, a smaller one this morning. After lunch she told me that Toni, whom I’d mentioned last session, had discovered a “bladder stone” in her Foley when she emptied it in the middle of the night. Fred Kardon must have seen the stone, Jane said, since the word was relayed through him that that’s what it was—a bladder stone. Jane didn’t see Fred.

(Jane ate an excellent lunch again, and Peg Gallagher visited before she was through. After Peg left Jane and I agreed that we’d ask Seth to comment on her broken right leg, and the stone. At least, I said, she’d passed the stone and hadn’t even known it.

There is nothing to worry about in connection with the bladder stone.

TES6 Session 271 June 27, 1966 miniature stone paperweight indisposed worrisome

A stone object, with an edge. [...] (Pause.) The object is rectangular, and for stone fairly uniform. [...] I have the impression that the object on the stone represents a man on a horse.

TPS2 Session 604 January 12, 1972 Sumarians Sumerian carving Baalbek instrument

[...] I explained to Jane my feeling that the amazingly intricate stone carving, particularly the bas-relief work, seemed beyond the abilities of the hammer and chisel. Jane broke in to tell me that this carving was done by small instruments that used inaudible sound waves; these radiations softened the stone, she said, so that the work could be performed. [...]

[...] Now she talked more about what she had said at last break, concerning the carving done on stone that had been softened by instruments employing sound. Only a very sophisticated instrument was used, she said, to soften the top layer of the stone so that it was “like frosting, which could then be easily carved. [...]

[...] The enormity of the stones in these buildings left me amazed; I didn’t see how blocks weighing 1200 tons could be moved without machinery, let alone fitted into place over twenty feet up on foundations, etc. [...]

TES5 Session 223 January 16, 1966 teapot Brotzanin Lemons voyages Zanzibar

[...] we shall give the impression of a rock or stone that can be held in the hand, that has a connection with the water, that is speckled, and gray, with an indentation on it... [...]

[...] He now told me that the rock or stone impression was his error, and not Jane’s, or Ruburt’s.

[...] He picked up accurately enough that the test object could be held in the hand, had a connection with water and an indentation—the opening in the teapot—but erred in the rock or stone terminology, the color and the word nondescript. [...]

TES7 Results of the Gallagher Test Session 294 October 17, 1966 statue verandah San commemoration indentation

With a floor not of wood, perhaps of cement, but of a stone, definitely a stone or sand colored stone floor.

ECS1 ESP Class Session, April 8, 1969 courage Florence Lo Brad flower

[...] Is a stone unworthy? For the sun falls upon the stone, and the stone does not say, “Lo and behold, I am a simple stone and not worthy for the sun to fall upon me.” [...]

WTH Part One: Chapter 2: March 5, 1984 Bathers dragonfly rolling downhill p.m

like small stones.

TES6 Session 259 May 16, 1966 pigment object Fox white shape

(“Give us a moment, please… With a block or blocks, as rocks or steps of stone.” This block or rock or stone data could be connected to the data in the paragraph just above this one; although Seth took a long pause in between. At any rate it seems that the texture, the rough stonelike feel and appearance of the pigment on the object, could have given rise to the rock or stone impressions which in turn could conjure up the step data and so lead to the idea of a photo.

[...] The effect is like an inkblot, except that the quality and texture of the paint is much superior as far as charm goes; this particular hand-ground pigment, which I make myself by heating a certain Italian earth color, has a texture like fine cement or roughened stone. [...]

With a block or blocks, as rocks or steps of stone. [...]

TES8 Session 401 March 27, 1968 painting seascape transparents apple opaques

Pretend that the energy within that object is the center of life, so that the whole rest of the universe derives its energy within that stone or flower. Do this until you can feel that energy pulsate within the form of the object, so that the form itself is ever mobile while it retains the semblance, as in a stone, of immobility.

[...] It may be a flower or a stone. [...]

[...] A stone or a flower is a very small thing. [...]

TES6 Session 255 May 2, 1966 Maxine suitable photo Del identity

(“Stone steps.” [...] These are either stone or concrete; Jane and I cannot be sure, not having been there for perhaps eight or nine years. [...] A flight of four or five steps, stone or concrete, led up to the back porch of the main house.

Stone steps. [...]

TES1 Session of January 4, 1964 cobbler Sarah Albert village bullets

(They had windows in the front room, though—and benches and a stone floor. It was a stone house with a fireplace in it. [...]

[...] The cobbler shoved her out in the street and rolled her over on the stones and in the dirt, but she died.

[...] I see houses and a couple of shops, then a narrow cobbled walk raised up high—it was a partly dirt road built up of rocks and stones that ran around an inlet from the sea. [...]

TES6 Session 264 June 1, 1966 shack surgeon trails tropics false

(Then I was watching the fire spread in the stone fireplace. [...] I realized now that the end of our ledge was held up now by only a thin column of stone, but didn’t feel alarmed at this. The stone column seemed to be aglow, or hot.

[...] There was a fire burning in a circle of stone at our feet, and we all held long poles like broom handles. [...]

TPS7 Deleted Session November 3, 1983 chipmunk cranberry foot juice motions

(Jane is back to drinking cranberry juice after passing the bladder stone, but is feeling okay and no more stones have showed up. [...]

TES8 Notes by Peggy Gallagher table circulatory Danny graphics complacency

[...] His husband then deals with the cutting of stones, a stone mason.

TES7 Session 294 October 17, 1966 statue Nassau San hill galleons

[...] Perhaps of cement—but of a stone, definitely a stone (Jane gestured, eyes closed, as though trying to pin down her thought) or sand-colored stone floor.

DEaVF2 Chapter 11: Session 937, November 19, 1981 Floyd raccoon chimney genetic coon

[...] Then while his two helpers stood guard to keep the raccoon in the tree, Floyd lugged a very heavy flat stone up the ladder and planted it across the chimney; he’s going to cement a wire mesh in place as a permanent seal against animals and birds.

[...] He added that if we heard a loud thudding noise on the roof tonight, it meant that an animal had managed to dislodge the stone cap on the chimney. [...]

TES7 Session 310 January 9, 1967 Keck Caroline Pomerantz Louis Brooklyn

(“and a stone framework. [...] Both edifices being made of stone, as well as with additions of brick, etc.

[...] A connection with a telephone call, and a stone framework. [...]

TPS3 Deleted Session February 9, 1976 ideal taxes expression envision mutilate

[...] I am going to trip here or here or there, or someone is going to trip me up, or certainly someone will throw a stone in my path.” Even though someone may have thrown a stone in your path in the past, as a runner such things would vanish from your mind as you concentrated on the feelings in your body of motion and agility.

WTH Part One: Chapter 5: April 8, 1984 Jeff hypothesis suggestions drown cognition

There are many variations, of course, such as: “If you go out in rainy weather, you’ll get pneumonia,” or: “If you tell a lie your tongue will turn to stone.”

SDPC Part One: Chapter 3 cobbler Sarah village wires bullets

“There were windows in the front room, though, and benches and a stone floor. It was a stone house with a fireplace; September, damp and foggy in the afternoon, about four o’clock. [...]

[...] He shoved her out into the street and rolled her over and over on the stones and in the dirt; but she died.

[...] “I see houses and a couple of shops, then a narrow cobbled walk raised up high — it was a partly dirt road built up of rocks and stones that ran around an inlet from the sea. [...]

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