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ECS2 ESP Class Session, July 21, 1970 negative Brad vinegar cruddy thoughts

The point I wanted to make is this—each thought is an electromagnetic reality on its own, a unique electromagnetic reality. Now, your thoughts create patterns in dimensions that you do not perceive. You become habitually able to think in certain patterns more than other patterns. Now, when you allow negative thoughts to predominate in your conscious mind you then become more open to the negative thoughts of others. You are given a natural protection but you weaken this protection when your conscious thoughts are negative. This not only happens in the waking state, but you also become more open in the dreaming state to telepathic communications from others of a negative pattern. It is you who open these channels through your thoughts, a sort of psychic contagion in which you are the agent. You not only attract negative conditions therefore in the physical world that you know, but you open yourselves up to these in the dream reality.

Now, you can change this by changing the pattern of your thoughts. Not only do you attract like patterns when you are awake, but when you are asleep, so a vicious, vicious pattern is set up when you are negative. Your negative dreams, therefore, reinforce the waking pattern. Now, you will pick up with your physical senses precisely what you are interested in. If you are interested in disasters and looking for them, then telepathically you will also pick up disasters so that your dreams always seem negative and filled with foreboding. If, however, your conscious thought patterns are positive, then your dream patterns will also be the same.

(To Brad:) Now, your conscious thought patterns and your subconscious thought patterns are the same. Therefore, using your inner senses that day you felt the urge to get into your car because consciously you were looking for negative patterns. Using your extrasensory abilities you picked one up, followed the impulse or the hunch and found this quite justified.

WTH Part One: Chapter 1: January 7, 1984 body negative priceless Dana knower

The body consciousness is indeed independent. To a large degree its own defense mechanisms protect it from the mind’s negative beliefs — at least to a large extent. [...] In those cases the body consciousness operates unimpeded by negative expectations or concepts.

There are also occasions when the body consciousness itself rises up in spite of a person’s fears and doubts, and throws aside a condition of illness in a kind of sudden victory. Even then, however, the person involved has already begun to question such negative beliefs. [...] It is in those instances that the body consciousness arises and throws off its shackles.

(4:26.) The main characteristic of bodily consciousness is its spontaneity. (Long pause.) This allows it to work at an incredibly swift rate that could not be handled by the topmost conscious portions of the mind. Its operation is due to an almost instantaneous kind of consciousness, in which what is known is known, with no distance between, say, the knower and the known.

NoPR Part One: Chapter 4: Session 620, October 11, 1972 generate emotions belief judgments imagination

[...] It is somewhat fashionable to place feelings above conscious thoughts, the idea being that emotions are more basic and natural than conscious reasoning is. The two actually go together but your conscious thinking largely determines your emotions, and not the other way around. [...] Instead, over a period of time you have been consciously entertaining negative beliefs that then generated the strong feelings of despondency.

If you are focusing upon ideas of poverty, illness or lack, for example, your conscious mind also holds latently concepts of health, vigor and abundance. If you divert your thoughts from the negative ideas to the positive ones, then your concentration will begin to alter the balance. The vast reservoir of energy and potential within you is called into action under the leadership of your conscious mind.

[...] You can, and in so doing your own consciousness turns around about itself. [...] Existing in such diversified, rich environment-possibilities, the human psyche needed and developed a conscious mind that could make fairly concise and accurate “minute by minute” judgments and evaluations. As the conscious mind grew, now, so did the range of imagination. The conscious mind is a vehicle for the imagination in many ways. [...] In return imagination enriches conscious reasoning and emotional experience.

TES9 Session 487 June 16, 1969 injections brain infections Pietra drugs

The drugs also insure that consciousness will not come back to the physical brain too quickly, to shock the system. There are methods by which the relative behavior and condition of the travelling consciousness is monitored at the other end. In case of any severe dangers the consciousness will be pulled back, but this is highly dangerous.

[...] Now you know of positive and negative matter. There are also other kinds of matter forming other systems of reality, invisible to your eyes, as is negative matter.

[...] In the same way that thoughts can be sent through space, so individual consciousness can be sent through systems, using various methods. As a seed can fly through the air enclosed in a sheath, you see, so can individual consciousness travel through systems. [...]

TPS1 Deleted Session February 11, 1971 rituals negative symptoms habitual stairs

[...] You can often help each other recognize negative attitudes or remarks of which the other is not consciously aware. This does not mean to emphasize the negatives, as you should understand by now.

[...] This is a strong negative suggestion that helps to override the conscious suggestion “I can get up easier.”

He can do this by employing the exercises that you mentioned, that will show him a daily improvement that will help break the negative image and prevent further negative projections. [...] All of these help break the negative projections, and are already proof physically of inside willingness that is then physically materialized for him to see—in terms of physical performance that he can judge.

TES9 Session 481 May 12, 1969 April destruction construction imagine pricking

[...] You were thinking both consciously and below consciousness about Ruburt’s appointment at the dentist. [...]

[...] If you have difficulty imagining the deliberate destruction of the negative object, this is merely a sign of its hold. [...] If you are not ready to burn down the structure itself, imaginatively, then you are not prepared to rid yourself of the negative behavior, you see. [...]

[...] Ruburt’s experience involving you was quite legitimate, although you were not consciously aware of your activities.

TPS2 Session 617 (Deleted Portion) September 25, 1972 negative harbored underlined concentrate thumbnail

You do exaggerate the Prentice relationship negatively. There are negative aspects, but you concentrate upon them. You accuse Ruburt of never forgetting a thing that you said of a negative nature, but you hold all of Prentice’s errors in your mind, and so far refuse to concentrate upon any good in that relationship.

He is exhausted by the barrage of negative thoughts that you have recently exploded in the household. [...]

You are insisting that your negative ideas are reality. [...]

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 15: Session 658, April 23, 1973 hypnosis hypnotist tributaries inductions beliefs

No negative beliefs were thrust upon you, therefore, despite your will. [...] None can be inflicted upon you that you do not consciously accept. [...] But instead this is taken as an indication that the conscious mind is helpless under such conditions, generally speaking, and this is not the case.

(Pause.) On the other hand, such beliefs can be accepted when it appears that the conscious mind is asleep, or dulled as in periods of shock, or during operations. [...] One of the troubles is that too specific distinctions are made between the conscious and unconscious minds. [...] This is only true, however, if you realize the power of your conscious mind in that moment, and understand the ability of your consciousness to mobilize unconscious reactions.

[...] For example: If you constantly focus on the belief that your early background was damaging and negative, then only such experiences will flow into your present life from the past. [...] You have concentrated upon the negative to such a degree that anything else seems invisible. [...]

TES8 Session 404 April 8, 1968 plenty financial dwindling Maltz exercises

[...] First of all, all negative attitudes must be removed from your consciousness. [...]

[...] You must indeed think consciously in terms of plenty rather than of want. [...]

In the past Ruburt helped you generate such negative ideas, but he has been making an attempt to combat them. [...]

NoPR Preface by Seth: Session 609, April 10, 1972 title mercy expectations thoughts outline

(9:40.) You have the conscious mind for a good reason. You are not at the mercy of unconscious drives unless you consciously acquiesce to them. [...] If you do not like your experience, then you must change the nature of your conscious thoughts and expectations. [...]

All consciousness has within it the deep abiding impetus to use its abilities fully, to expand its capacities, to venture joyfully beyond the seeming barriers of its own experience. The very consciousnesses within the smallest molecules cry out against any ideas of limitation. [...]

Man has been endowed, and has endowed himself, with a conscious mind to direct the nature, shape and form of his creations. All deep aspirations and unconscious motivations, all unspoken drives, rise up for the approval or disapproval of the conscious mind, and await its direction.

NoPR Part One: Chapter 3: Session 617, September 25, 1972 core beliefs invisible reinforce illness

[...] You will also react clairvoyantly and telepathically to inner information at an unconscious level that is, once more, “collected” under the organization of your quite conscious concepts concerning existence in general, and your own in particular. So you are locked into physical situations that are corroborated by the great evidence of sense data — and of course it is convincing because it reflects so beautifully, so creatively, and so actively, your own ideas and beliefs, whether they are positive or negative.

[...] This is usually at an unconscious level merely because your conscious mind is in a state of becoming. [...] As an example, if your conscious ideas are relatively positive you will react to telepathically received information of a similar nature, even if you do so on an unconscious level.

In greater terms positive and negative have little meaning, for the physical experience is meant as a learning one. But if you are unhappy then the word negative has a meaning.

TPS2 Deleted Session July 7, 1973 mindedness karate arena beliefs trailer

The times that Ruburt managed rather considerable improvements even in the face of strong negative beliefs, were times when he managed to convince himself against all objective evidence that there was nothing wrong with him physically but habitual stiffness. That belief minimized the seeming impediments, allowed greater physical freedom that in its turn by contrast began to lessen the preliminary negative beliefs. [...]

[...] The most important one is that Ruburt must make a conscious effort not only to alter his habits but to handle what he thinks of now as distractions by conscious effort, the changing of a pattern, rather than by unconscious limitations on the body. [...]

[...] You are, Joseph, now, able to see many of Ruburt’s negative concepts, but you are blind still to many of your own. [...]

TES4 Session 160 June 7, 1965 traffic action impediments mutant unimpeded

[...] The consent however on your parts may be conscious or unconscious. If however you consciously do not want a session, and express yourselves in this direction, then no session would be held.

[...] The particular negative words spoken or thought are but indications of this break of impetus. The break occurs first, and it is for this reason that what you call negative suggestions therefore are acted upon.

The negative suggestions therefore are symptoms of an inner block of energy and impetus. [...] It goes without saying that these which you call negative suggestions are in themselves actions. [...]

DEaVF2 Chapter 8: Session 916, May 14, 1980 cu units ee genetic repetition

I’m sure that in much larger terms even negativity is creative, and often in ways we cannot comprehend in our temporal reality, but I do believe that Jane’s work offers more penetrating and redeeming insights into many of those challenges we create. Once again, then, on world scales ranging from the very small to the very large—and with all of them seamlessly “interlocked”—consciousness seeks to both know and surprise itself.

[...] That is, again, because the basic units of consciousness that build up matter—that form matter—are themselves endowed with a subjective acuteness. [...] (Long pause.) Your position on the scale of awareness inclines you to categorize consciousnesses so that only your own familiar brand seems to fit the definition—so again here I remind you that consciousness is everywhere in the deepest terms, because All That Is disperses itself throughout physical reality. [...]

I’ve often thought that the repetition in the Seth books, say, is nothing compared to the repeated barrages of suggestion—much of it negative—that our species has chosen to subject itself to daily. I constantly search for balances between the positive and the negative. Indeed, however, Jane and I think that in ordinary terms, and for many reasons, our species long ago began creating a great deal of negative thinking and action—so much so that those qualities came to range throughout all facets of our world culture. [...]

TES3 Session 108 November 18, 1964 inwardness fruit Sonja November universe

The inwardness, as you know, is conscious of itself; but forming this new universe it could express its consciousness only through matter as it formed it, beginning with the innate, rather generalized consciousness of atoms. When sufficient atoms were formed from inward energy, then more various combinations became possible, and with them an accelerated consciousness could be made apparent.

Reality means consciousness, and through the very physical apparatus developed by inwardness, which was aware from the beginning, further embellishments became possible for consciousness itself. The inwardness not only formed physical matter then, but formed new dimensions of inwardness itself, new dynamics from which consciousness could originate.

(I am not sure that Seth’s statement on page 150 constitutes a distortion, when he mentions that a communication between our universe and the universe of negative matter is possible. In the 63rd session, again, he deals with the two companion universes to ours, calling them a beforeimage and an afterimage, and lumping them under the general terms of negative or antimatter. In the 63rd session Seth states that our universe and the two universes comprising the universe of negative matter can never meet. [...]

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 16: Session 658, April 23, 1973 hypnosis undivided hypnotist Sixteen attention

[...] You do not consciously examine the data that you receive. Many who make a practice of “denying” negative suggestions from others, asserting positive affirmations instead, actually do so because they are so fully convinced that the power of negative beliefs is stronger than that of beneficial ones.

[...] You hypnotize your very nerves, and the cells within your body, for they will react as you expect them to react, and the beliefs of your conscious mind are followed in degree by all portions of the self down to the smallest atom and molecule. The large events of your life, your interactions with others, including the habitual workings of the most minute physical events within your body — all of this follows your conscious belief.

Each of you will find habitual thought patterns in your own life backed up by resulting action — conditioned behavior as it were — by which you continually reinforce negative aspects, concentrate upon them to the exclusion of conflicting data, and so bring them into experience through natural hypnosis.

TSM Chapter Thirteen Conz Dean illness Joan headache

“You should tell yourself frequently, ‘I will only react to constructive suggestions,’ for this gives you some protection against your own negative thoughts and those of others. A negative thought if not erased will almost certainly result in a negative condition: a momentary despondency, a headache, according to the intensity of the thought.

[...] Each of us has our own defenses against negative suggestions, and we should trust in our own immunity. People react to negative suggestions only when their own frame of mind is negative. [...]

[...] It is only when it becomes compartmented, so to speak, in the highly differentiated consciousness that such refinements occur. I am not saying that unpleasant stimuli will not be felt as unpleasant and reacted against in less self-conscious organisms. I am saying that they will rejoice even in their automatic reaction, because any stimuli and reaction represents sensation, and sensation is a method by which consciousness knows itself.

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 11: Session 644, February 28, 1973 emotions beliefs refute revengeful hateful

The “negative” subjective and objective events that you meet are meant to make you examine the contents of your own conscious mind. [...]

If you find yourself running around in a spiritual frenzy, trying to repress every negative idea that comes into your head, then ask yourself why you believe so in the great destructive power of your slightest “negative” thought.

There are two ways to get at your own conscious beliefs. [...] They are quite available once you are determined to examine the complete contents of your conscious mind.

NoPR Part Two: Chapter 11: Session 643, February 26, 1973 Andrea inferior beliefs aggression opposing

Conscious beliefs focus your attention, channel it and direct your energy so that you can swiftly bring the ideas into your physical experience. [...] So our Andrea did not see, or ignored, the smiles that came her way, or the encouragement; and in some cases she even perceived some potentially beneficial events as “negative” — these then were used to further reinforce the belief in her own inferiority.

[...] I would like to use this instance as an excellent example of the ways in which conscious beliefs affect your feelings and behavior.

[...] She called to tell Ruburt that she had lost her job this morning; but more than this, that she was involved in a week of very negative circumstances and emotional encounters. [...]

TES3 Session 109 November 23, 1964 universe inwardness parallel sales regenerated

[...] And as I have told you consciousness, conscious energy, continually manifests itself in various forms. [...]

The energy is then transformed in the dream universe, and again regenerated and used in the formation of the universe of negative matter, into which it seeps from the dream universe. Our discussions will have to thoroughly discuss the nature of the dream universe before we can hope to consider the universe of negative matter, but it will not hurt if you keep the above mentioned facts in mind.

I would like to speak concerning the parallel development of the universe of matter as you know it, the universe of negative matter, and what is truly the universe of dreams.

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