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TMA Session Eleven September 15, 1980 1/30 (3%) resurrection Christ biblical ascension tomb
– The Magical Approach
– Session Eleven: Multidimensional Spiritual Dramas
– Session Eleven September 15, 1980 8:52 P.M., Monday

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The mass psyche was seeking for a change, an impetus, a flowering, a new organization. The idea of a redeemer was hardly new, but ancient in many traditions. As I stated before, that part of the world was filled with would-be messiahs, self-proclaimed prophets, and so forth, and in those terms it was only a matter of time before man’s great spiritual and psychic desires illuminated and filled up that psychological landscape, filling the prepared psychological patterns with a new urgency and intent. There were many throw-away messiahs (with gentle amusement) — men whose circumstances, characteristics, and abilities were almost (musically) the ones needed — who almost (musically) filled the psychic bill, but who were unfitted for other reasons: They were of the wrong race, or their timing was off. Their intersection with space and time did not mesh with the requirements.

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