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TMA Session Eleven September 15, 1980 6/30 (20%) resurrection Christ biblical ascension tomb
– The Magical Approach
– Session Eleven: Multidimensional Spiritual Dramas
– Session Eleven September 15, 1980 8:52 P.M., Monday

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(“Oh, Lord,” I said, joking. For I was embroiled in trying to produce a note relative to a passage of Seth’s in Mass Events about Christ’s resurrection and ascension. For several reasons, interruptions among them, I’d found it difficult to get into the work, and had spent the weekend reading to remind myself of background material. I wanted the note to be coherent, without going into too much detail. Jane has also contributed an excellent paragraph of material for it. As I have before, I found the whole religious issue confusing and contradictory. And the last thing I’d expected of Jane tonight was any material on religion from Seth. Obviously, my own hassles about the subject were prompting her efforts, I thought.

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Now: Christ was not crucified — therefore he did not resurrect, coming out of the tomb, nor did he then ascend into heaven. In the terms of the biblical drama (underlined), however, Christ was crucified.

He arose from the tomb and ascended into heaven. The resurrection and the ascension are indeed, however, the two parts of one dramatic event. (Pause.) Dogmatically, arising from the dead alone was clearly not sufficient, for men were to follow where Christ led. You could not have a world in which the newly-risen dead mixed with the living. An existence in a spiritual realm had to follow such a resurrection.

(Pause.) Now in the facts of history, there was no crucifixion, resurrection, or ascension. In the terms of history there was no biblical Christ (pause), whose life followed the details given. The organization of the church is a historical fact. The power, devotion, and energy, the organizational expertise of Christianity, cannot be disputed. Nor can it be disputed that Christianity was based upon great religious and psychic vision. To some extent it involved the intuitional reorganization of subjective, and then objective, realities.

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Jewish shepherds represented the placenta that was meant to be discarded, for it was Jewish tradition that nourished the new religion in its early stages before its birth. Christ, as you know, was a common name, so when I say that there was a man named Christ involved in those events (see Seth Speaks), I do not mean to say that he was the biblical Christ. His life was one of those lives that were finally used to compose the composite image of the biblical Christ.

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(9:38 P.M. Jane agreed with my own surprise that she not only chose to hold the session, but discussed the Christ material. She said that in spite of her being so relaxed, “There Seth was, right there. …” as soon as she went into trance. But now she was just as much at ease as she had been before the session. She had taken many long pauses during her delivery, a few of which I’ve indicated.

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