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UR2 Appendix 25: (For Session 732) 1/16 (6%) counterparts Norma Herriman Peter Granger
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Appendix 25: A Discussion of Counterparts
– (For Session 732)

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(Student Bill Herriman is a professional pilot who flies a considerable distance to Elmira for class; his counterpart in class, Carl Jones, lives in Elmira each summer while giving instructions in sailplane flying, the third member of the counterpart trio, Bill Granger, is not a member of class, lives in Elmira, has always had a deep interest in aircraft, and is now learning to pilot sailplanes. Carl Jones knows Bill Herriman and Bill Granger well — but Bill Herriman and Bill Granger have never met; all three are obviously males; all bear a general physical resemblance; all fall within a certain rather broad age bracket. The close observer could, I think, find among the three men more physical and psychological correlations [some having to do with illness], as well as meaningful opposing features, so that in this instance the counterpart relationships can be seen as quite apropos.

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