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UR2 Section 6: Session 744 April 23, 1975 3/57 (5%) strands Steffans counterparts Unknown library
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Section 6: Reincarnation and Counterparts: The “Past” Seen Through the Mosaics of Consciousness
– Session 744: This Book and Probable Ones. Seth’s Reality
– Session 744 April 23, 1975 9:33 P.M. Wednesday

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13. During the 10:36 break for Session 740, which was held a couple of months ago, I wrote that the list of house connections associated with our move to the hill house had grown to over 40 items, “and continues to grow.” Jane and I have now accumulated more than 60 such interrelationships, and they range all the way from color and architectural similarities among the various houses we’ve either lived in, or felt strong emotional and psychic attachments for, to human connections like the following one. It’s neither the most inconsequential item on our list, or the most spectacular — but recently we learned through a close relative of the Steffans (I’ll call them), the couple from whom we bought the hill house, that at a small social gathering over two years ago Jane had spontaneously given something of a psychic “reading” for Mrs. Steffans. Moreover, this event had taken place in the apartment house we lived in on Water Street; not in our own quarters there, however, but in the apartment of another tenant whom we’ve known for a number of years.

Jane hadn’t met Mrs. Steffans before, and never saw her again. (I wasn’t involved in the little scenario.) The Steffanses moved out of Elmira some months before we purchased the hill house through a real estate agency.

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Let me note at the end of this account that the mutual friend who introduced Jane and Mrs. Steffans has participated in some of our other house connections also — a function similar to the one enacted by our new acquaintance, Frank Corio, whom I referred to in Note 11 for Session 740. Jane and I saw this kind of situation develop with several other individuals also, once we began our active house hunting in Sayre, Pennsylvania, in April 1974.

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