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UR2 Section 6: Session 744 April 23, 1975 4/57 (7%) strands Steffans counterparts Unknown library
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Section 6: Reincarnation and Counterparts: The “Past” Seen Through the Mosaics of Consciousness
– Session 744: This Book and Probable Ones. Seth’s Reality
– Session 744 April 23, 1975 9:33 P.M. Wednesday

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

I’ve also helped in the construction, so to speak, of Ruburt’s [psychic] library,4 and I hope that he will be able to meet me there, in surroundings in which he feels confident and at home, and yet on neutral ground. (Smiling:) He does not want my apparition, you might say, to intrude upon a physical living room, particularly, yet he wants to meet me (much louder, leaning forward) in an out-of-the-way place.5

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Any such appearances, by the way, would also add to much superstitious nonsense. On the other hand, there is much for Ruburt to learn about my reality. Until he understood the inward order of events8 he would not be able to meet me there — so the library can serve us both in that regard.

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4. Jane describes in Chapter 1 of Politics the onset of her ability to perceive her psychic library. For library material in Volume 2 of “Unknown” Reality, see the notes at the start of Session 714, and Seth’s dictation for Session 715.

5. Jane has yet to see Seth’s apparition, however, or to meet him in her library or any other “out-of-the-way place.” In Note 2 for Appendix 11, in Volume 1, I refer to the time she set out to “find” Seth.

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