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TES2 Session 75 July 29, 1964 13/76 (17%) structures psychological perspective construction hatred
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 75 July 29, 1964 9 PM Wednesday as Scheduled

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Some of the basic shapes in your physical universe are, therefore, reflections of these inner psychological structures, more or less reproduced in matter. These are in one sense certainly tangible to the inner self. It is these inner psychological structure patterns to a large degree that determine the shape and form of physical structures.

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There is therefore a process of psychological construction where basic psychological structures are manipulated and formed in a perspective which, physically, you do not perceive.

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We will take as an example hatred. Hatred does not exist as a basic psychological structure. It is, however, the result of psychological manipulation of fear; and fear is not a basic psychological structure.

Survival is a basic psychological structure. Consciousness survival: construction of this basic psychological structure of consciousness survival must be interpreted, or projected or constructed, in terms of physical survival within your physical field.

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The individual then constructs fear and hatred into physical construction, giving fear and hatred definite physical form. The error is in the original inability to perceive the correct inner data, the basic underlying psychological structure of consciousness survival.

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Using the analogy of consciousness survival and its distortion into fear and hatred, I have given you but one example of the ways in which basic psychological structures are misinterpreted with unfortunate results.

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I will tonight or in a following session outline for you the basic psychological structures, as they are extremely important, for they form the basis for your physical constructions, and knowledge of them will let you know what you have to work with.

I will outline the basic ones with which you need be concerned, at any rate, since there are many others which do not concern you at this time.

Understand that awareness is the criteria, however. There is no law limiting the number of psychological structures available to you, but because of your present development, and because of this alone, you are hampered. Experience or lack of it on various fields has not yet been possible, so practically speaking you have a limited number of basic psychological structures to deal with; and your perception, clear psychological understanding, intuitive comprehension of, and manipulation and psychological constructions of these basic structures, will determine the validity of your material constructions that will then form your environment.

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This sense of continuity in individual environment is a result of the individual’s characteristic way of constructing basic psychological structures into physical structures.

The basic psychological structures available have definite solidity, depth, mass, et cetera, in the psychological perspective, and they may be formed into numberless gestalt patterns, which are then constructed physically. The variations of construction are endless. There is nothing to force an individual for example to form psychological gestalts of hate and fear from the basic structure of consciousness survival.

To do so represents an inability to perceive clearly the nature of the basic structure, and such an inability often carries over into habit so that other basic structures are also misinterpreted.

A setting—right in one small area of psychological perspective can, therefore, result in a beneficial turnabout in the manipulation of other basic structures, even though they seem unrelated. After one small note I would end the session. Happily, since the session has been an excellent one.

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