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TES2 Session 79 August 12, 1964 17/82 (21%) property price expectations veteran minimum
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 79 August 12, 1964 9 PM Wednesday as Scheduled

[... 18 paragraphs ...]

It represents also the minimum thrust value necessary for physical transformation of energy from a purely psychological into a physical state. It represents, then, the minimum expansion needed to overcome physical resistance. It represents the minimum psychological expectation necessary for construction.

[... 19 paragraphs ...]

Now a note concerning the way that expectation controls the manner in which an individual utilizes and manipulates the energy of idea.

We will take the personality of your director, Ruburt, if we may. Here not only desire but expectation brought about his directorship. He wanted, and finally expected, some kind of domain of his own. Being a part of no real community as a youngster, being unsure even of family unit, he first sought out various organizational positions, and governmental environments, as a man might wrap a cloak about him to protect himself from the elements.

So he attempted to wrap himself in the cloak of organization. He remained however basically anonymous. His desire to belong and his expectation also became stronger. The gallery represents a unit of community affiliation in which he can exert some power, and yet be within a community unit.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

There are times when expectation suddenly shifts. It has been in the process of changing, but it suddenly shows the change as it suddenly becomes obvious through physical construction. When it finally manages to change constructions, bringing them into line with present alterations, the individual realizes that something has happened.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

Now. You found that you wanted more when it came down to it than the property seemed to offer. You did not expect that you could get what you found you wanted at the price. You constructed the property, then, in terms of what you expected you could get for the price, and then did not consider this sufficient.

Now I tried, ineffectively I might add, in the sessions to raise your expectations of the property for the same price, by justifiably showing you, I thought, how value fulfillment psychically could definitely add to the construction.

Had I succeeded, the transaction would have been an excellent one. Your expectations did rise. In this I did succeed. But practically, you could not leap the boundary, you could not expect to get so much (in parenthesis: the added expectations) for so little. You therefore ripped down the construction to meet the price, and then refused it.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

This is not meant in any way as any sort of reprimand, but merely as an example close at hand as to how expectation operates. Ruburt’s disappointment then, was only superficial, because he knew that the decision had been made much earlier. The assessor, then, with his own free will of course in operation, nevertheless saw the property as you had constructed it. I will certainly not expect you at this point to believe me literally–

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

The heat problem of which Ruburt learned, was the result of expectations on the part of the previous tenants, and need not (underline need) have concerned you. It goes without saying that your expectations have been transformed into reality, and the house now would not be practical, unless of course your own expectations changed drastically.

Incidentally, as you may have noticed, your expectations instead have changed as far as your apartment is concerned. They had to. Expectations then will always bring about a definite change, not only in your attitude toward matter, but in matter itself.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

I will not keep you longer. I might suggest that you expect to have an excellent vacation. A small additional note: When you are away, give a thought now and then to your cat. It will keep him healthier, in your absence.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

(My writing hand was now very tired, for the last part of the session had been quite fast. Jane told me that Seth was still with us. I had a question to ask, but hesitated to voice it until she finally surrendered with a laugh. It was simply whether the heating system, which I had accepted without alarm as being okay, would have performed better for us than the previous tenant. After the deal had fallen through, Jane accidentally heard that the heating bills in winter were exorbitant—about twice what we had been led to expect. If so, they would have made the house too expensive for us.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

The rather slap-happy, haphazard attitude of the other residents on that road is actually more effective in maintaining it, since they do not dwell upon its disadvantages but simply and purely expect the road to be passable.

They do not, however, expect more of it. The road will be in better condition when three families use it than when it is used only by two. If you lived there and dwelled upon its imperfections, you could have ruined it for everyone.

With the present heating system, high expectations would have increased its efficiency. Low expectations would have decreased its efficiency. Your fear of commitment was indeed an element here. You have both steadily doubted your practical efficiency in a material universe, and you will continue to do so, for with your present attitudes you will not test your efficiency. Or if you dare test it, your fears will defeat you, and only serve to convince you further of this inefficiency.

Your expectations must change first. On a limited level, commitment to intangible values, which you have, limits you to a commitment in physical terms. The two seem in opposition. This is caused by unsufficient psychic expansion and understanding, brought about by environmental early forces.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

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