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TES2 Session 79 August 12, 1964 2/82 (2%) property price expectations veteran minimum
– The Early Sessions: Book 2 of The Seth Material
– Session 79 August 12, 1964 9 PM Wednesday as Scheduled

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(Now Jane perched on the back of the couch as she talked, and remained there for some time. She spoke very earnestly, using many gestures. It might be added that the letter referred to above was one received from the regional office of the Veterans Administration, in N.Y.C.: The letter characterized the dirt road leading up to the property as a “trail,” and stated the request for a loan was denied unless the veteran, meaning myself, could be assured that the road would be maintained by either city or county at no additional expense to the veteran. This could not be done, since at this time the road is classed as private, and must be maintained by whoever lives on the property.)

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(It might be worth noting here that the property was appraised by an assessor from Ithaca, NY, rather than one from Elmira. As it happened, at the time all three of the Veteran’s Administration appraisers who are based in Elmira were out of town on vacation; therefore the bank in Elmira had to call in a representative from out of town to evaluate the property—and one who had never seen the property before. Jane and I have speculated as to what the assessor’s report might have stated had it been compiled by a local man familiar with the property.)

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