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UR2 Section 6: Session 739 February 24, 1975 1/40 (2%) hill house trees neighborhood fireplace
– The "Unknown" Reality: Volume Two
– Section 6: Reincarnation and Counterparts: The “Past” Seen Through the Mosaics of Consciousness
– Session 739: Neighborhoods and Probabilities. The Healing Aspects of Fireplaces
– Session 739 February 24, 1975 9:25 P.M. Monday

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Now you think of dogs as friends of man, and you personify gods in human terms. You think of them sometimes as guardians. In those terms, now, trees are also guardians. They are attached to the people they know. You cannot put a leash on them and walk them around the block, yet trees form a protective barrier about, say, a home or a neighborhood. They are actively concerned. They have personalities — certainly to the same extent that dogs do, yet of an entirely different nature. They respond to you. The trees in that (hill house) neighborhood then are particularly friendly, strong, and protective, and they will help renew your energies.

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