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TPS3 Session 725 (Deleted Portion) December 11, 1974 3/14 (21%) strands library Woodstock agility habitual
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 725 (Deleted Portion) December 11, 1974 9:17 PM Wednesday

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Not dictation: all of this should help you understand your own experience involving your father—and the later one with your mother, and Ruburt’s with Teresa; for your mother was sending out strands of consciousness in the directions that interest her.

To Ruburt. (Pause.) The further agility and freedom he is allowing himself psychologically and psychically is now leading him to the greater physical agility he desires. The idea of strands of consciousness is important, for he can now choose strands. He is beginning to understand that bringing greater freedom to habitual physical thought patterns forms strands of consciousness that you can then follow.

He sees this. You can simply refuse to follow one habitual strand. The strands form experience. They are carriers of pictures and images, and expectations—the threads with which you form the sparkling web of physical life.

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