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TPS3 Session 725 (Deleted Portion) December 11, 1974 3/14 (21%) strands library Woodstock agility habitual
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 725 (Deleted Portion) December 11, 1974 9:17 PM Wednesday

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The “prediction” I gave concerning Ruburt’s health still stands. There will be of course more library experiences. (Harry) Edwards does help, for reasons I will give you—when we have the time—in the same way that Ruburt’s energy helps others, as at Woodstock. There is also a doctor, quite real; he is an image as yet unrecognized in Ruburt’s psyche, though he glimpsed him once. Yet he stands for a definite personality in ways I have not as yet explained.

Ruburt is being helped, then, in an area adjacent to his library. He is open enough to receive concepts that will be important to his health, but his acquiescence was first necessary.

His students are important, for as he is translating from the library, they are also translating.

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