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TPS3 Session 721 (Deleted Portion) November 25, 1974 2/25 (8%) ctns muscles parents house neighborhoods
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 721 (Deleted Portion) November 25, 1974 9:14 PM Monday

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This material is indeed “endless” (as Jane said at break). Never think that you and Ruburt do not have children, for you are closer to many individuals than their parents, and you provide an emotional creativity that will enable physical parents to communicate far better with their offspring.

People write you or call as they would to dearly beloved parents, parents in another level of reality. So you become parents of thoughts and feelings that can help to transform your world. I’m not speaking of transforming it through great dogmas, but of concepts that put people in touch with their own reality.

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