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TPS3 Session 721 (Deleted Portion) November 25, 1974 3/25 (12%) ctns muscles parents house neighborhoods
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Session 721 (Deleted Portion) November 25, 1974 9:14 PM Monday

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Now to Ruburt and you. He is working with your help, and yet privately, as each must, with his challenges. He saw today how the new book (Aspects II) emerged before he realized it, and accelerated into actuality. He will explain this. There are definite physical improvements. Again, he has been afraid of mentioning some, because the walking is not better. His muscles and joints hurt more than they did before. Before they were relatively dead. They are now moving and in motion.

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Leg muscles are straightening out, and being used after being rigid. All he needs is the confidence.

Now. He does a fairly decent job of remembering. Muscles that have not been used as they are released, are sore. They do not react predictably. They are weak. I want 10 minutes of simple exercises to re-educate the muscles. Ruburt does not realize the release in the right arm, for example.

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