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NoPR Part Two: Chapter 17: Session 661, May 7, 1973 6/66 (9%) Dineen evil territory ill severest
– The Nature of Personal Reality
– Part Two: Your Body as Your Own Unique Living Sculpture. Your Life as Your Most Intimate Work of Art, and the Nature of Creativity as It Applies to Your Personal Experience
– Chapter 17: Natural Hypnosis, Healing, and the Transference of Physical Symptoms into Other Levels of Activity
– Session 661, May 7, 1973 9:40 P.M. Monday

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(Pause.) In all of these areas the problem, whatever its nature or cause, is in one way or another “magically” transferred to another facet of activity, projected away from the self. Huge energy blocks are moved. The man who has believed that he was evil may now see the world, or persons of another faith or political affiliation, as evil instead. He then feels rid of the problem itself but is quite ready to attack it in others, and with great self-righteousness and justification.

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She had been going from psychic to psychic, dabbling in automatic writing and seeing little of her husband, who was involved in his own business affairs. She had been told by different “psychics” that she would be a psychic teacher, and various words and techniques had been given her to ward off the “evil” influence.

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Now the other individual has no power that Dineen does not possess. (Pause.) Dineen heartily believes in good and evil; so, being convinced that she was at the mercy of demoniacal forces, she began to pray. As Ruburt pointed out, however, the prayers themselves were merely a weak surrender to the idea that evil is so powerful. They were not based on any real belief in the power of good, but only upon a superstitious hope that if bad forces exist, good ones must also.

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She felt that certain rituals or foods warded off this evil hypnotic suggestion. Yet many of you take vitamins, convinced that they will save you from various diseases. Within Dineen’s belief system she was acting quite rationally — and in your belief system you are doing the same.

You are convinced of the reality of illness. It may not be “out to get you” as viciously as Dineen believes that evil is bent on threatening her, but the issues are the same.

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Now her life, while difficult, has its own excitement. She is a heroine, battling cosmic forces of good and evil, important enough so that another person even wants to control her. Even the animals seek stimuli and feel a zest for existence; so in this way Dineen, in a misguided manner, is still giving expression to a definite need of her being.

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