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NoPR Part Two: Chapter 17: Session 661, May 7, 1973 2/66 (3%) Dineen evil territory ill severest
– The Nature of Personal Reality
– Part Two: Your Body as Your Own Unique Living Sculpture. Your Life as Your Most Intimate Work of Art, and the Nature of Creativity as It Applies to Your Personal Experience
– Chapter 17: Natural Hypnosis, Healing, and the Transference of Physical Symptoms into Other Levels of Activity
– Session 661, May 7, 1973 9:40 P.M. Monday

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A sudden conversion may completely rid an individual of physical symptoms — any kind of conversion. Under that general term I include a strong emotional arousal and fresh emotional involvement, affiliation, or sense of belonging. This may involve religion, politics, art, or simply falling in love.

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(9:55.) I am making a distinction here between such conversion experience and genuine mystic understanding,1 which may also come in a flash of time. Mystic enlightenment does not see an enemy, however, and there is no need for arrogance, attack, or self-justification.

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