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TES8 Session 335 April 17, 1967 6/31 (19%) ionization lightning climate automobile circumstances
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 335 April 17, 1967 9 PM Monday

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Now. You must watch your expectations, Joseph.

I am speaking in highly practical terms. Your expectations literally create your life as you know it. Your attitude toward transportation needs adjustment. As long as you believe firmly that you cannot afford the kind of automobile that you want, this will be literally true.

Your expectations alone will change your material circumstances. The belief that you can afford the kind of car you require will in itself form the circumstances that will make such an automobile literally possible.

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On the contrary, an understanding of the rule of expectation is the one truly practical step you can take whenever any change in physical circumstances is desired. You must replace the negative images you have with positive ones. The negative ones are being faithfully reproduced in physical terms, and this is hardly to your advantage.

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In other respects of course there have been profound changes. By your attitude you are effectively forming a barrier against any financial betterment of any significant kind. You repulse the circumstances in which such betterment could take place automatically, because of the effect of your expectations.

It goes without saying that a full-time job would better the financial situation, but this is not the sort of thing to which I am referring. Your situation could be bettered financially while you retain basically the same schedule you now enjoy, if—and a very large if—if changed expectations were creating the psychic climate in which supply would flow. Doors would open that you do not know existed.

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