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TES8 Session 335 April 17, 1967 4/31 (13%) ionization lightning climate automobile circumstances
– The Early Sessions: Book 8 of The Seth Material
– Session 335 April 17, 1967 9 PM Monday

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Your belief otherwise automatically shuts you off so that the necessary climate, the psychic climate, is a barrier to what you want. The belief will cause attractions, in which physical circumstances will change. It is highly impractical to believe as you do, regarding your automobile or prospects, for another.

There are many distortions in the universal mind book that Ruburt reads, and yet overall the ideas presented are highly advantageous. I cannot put this emphatically enough: your beliefs form a psychic climate that in itself attracts and forms the materialization of those beliefs.

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It goes without saying that a full-time job would better the financial situation, but this is not the sort of thing to which I am referring. Your situation could be bettered financially while you retain basically the same schedule you now enjoy, if—and a very large if—if changed expectations were creating the psychic climate in which supply would flow. Doors would open that you do not know existed.

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Our own physical climate is a poor one for a session, however. The electrical currents are not working to our advantage; this being a peculiar circumstance, incidentally, having to do with a changed ionization of the surface of the ground, that sometimes occurs about this season. This in connection with the high electrical content of the near atmosphere.

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