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TPS3 Deleted Session February 19, 1975 38/74 (51%) Foster house hill privacy formality
– The Personal Sessions: Book 3 of The Deleted Seth Material
– Deleted Session February 19, 1975 9:27 PM Wednesday

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For your purposes the house is worth the price. In the market, in Frank’s terms, the house is worth perhaps $38,500, or $39,000. [...] A definite change in living patterns will result, and of attitude, that would not happen in the Foster house. [...] The whole difference here is the quality of nature as it surrounds both houses. [...] Both houses have Sumari characteristics, but in different combinations. [...]

The Cobbles East house would not content you, though it is a quite adequate house, and elegant in its way inside. [...] The hill house, because of its location, adds a spaciousness that is inside the Foster house, but either way you have an open feeling in terms of expansion.

The formality of the position of the house upon its hill provides a kind of structure of its own. The same house on low land would not suffice, you see. [...] There are good paintings to be found from the house, in terms of landscapes, and natural walks. [...]

The private-type yards, the house on its own knoll, say clearly “We are not neighborhood barbecue people.” There is not an easy access from house to house. [...]

[...] The houses themselves have a quality, a life, that is picked up by potential buyers. Certain houses repel you and Ruburt. They will however positively attract others, so the qualities in the houses that appeal to you are precisely those qualities that have turned others off, and prevented their sale. [...]

[...] The people who have lived in the Foster Street house, and the hill house, have to some extent already conditioned the rest of the neighbors in a certain way. [...] The little house on Cobbles East also has its own aura of privacy that no garage on the other side can disturb.

[...] The house possesses its own kind of inner light this is not possessed by the Sayre house, and I recommend against that house regardless of price. [...]

The Foster house represents many things, and though it is not on a hill it represents your feelings of secrecy and privacy. [...] You can go along with the house as it is, and become more secretive. You can hide in it better than you can in the hill house.

[...] The hill house represents the future, and the contemporary qualities of it. [...] (And this when we haven’t been inside of hill house. [...] See house file.)

More than that, however, as far as you are both personally concerned, you have a built-in sense of distance that gives the house actually an extra dimension of privacy that is not within the grounds themselves, yet adds to that aura. The house is set itself atop its own knoll, which to Ruburt at least gives a fortress feeling, in that he can look down and see who is coming.

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